L’OREAL – Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer


L’oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer

Price: $15.99 CAD (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Size: 10mL

Honestly speaking I am not a fan of the packaging; I do not even remember what drove me to give it a chance. The label and overall look reminded me a lot of my mother’s old makeup. L’oreal carries great products for its price, and have been changing up packing to keep up with times, however, this product did not look new at all. On the positive note, I loved the indented portion which allows you to hold it like a pen. This gave me more control over the concealer allowing me to quickly and easily place the product on desired areas. I also enjoyed the applicator, which is a roller ball that does not tug and pull on your skin. Like many other roller ball product it feels cool to the touch, which is amazing for delicate areas. It is a well known fact that applying cold temperatures onto your dark circles will aid with minimizing the dark and puffy look. Also the roller ball gives you a light message as you apply the product onto your delicate skin. Overall, I loved the functionality however I feel like the look could be re-vamped, because I was not really drawn to the product.

The coverage it provides is about a medium – light coverage, which I found just perfect because I do not have a serious problem with dark circles. The product did just enough to cover my dark circles without looking caked on and thick. The product is more of a liquid, which makes blending it into the foundation and skin very easy. The product covers my dark circles but still does not feel like it is suffocating my skin. I have used this on others, when doing their makeup and have also noticed that it blends well into the skin without looking cakey. However, for the ‘correcting cream’ claim I have not noticed anything significant but on the positive side I have not noticed my fine lines getting worse. As for longevity, it lasts all day on my dark circles and does not show signs of fading away. Overall, I loved the product despite its dated packaging; I would recommend this if you are looking for an affordable concealer.

For this concealer I tend to apply the concealer on my dark circles after I apply my foundation. I find that this gives the product a smoother surface to sit on; therefore the product will not sink into the fine lines under my eyes. I apply it using long curved strokes a little lower than my water line, starting from my inner eye and moving outwards. Once the product is on my face is use my Sigma foundation brush (F60) in a light patting motion and I slowly blend out the product. After it is all smoothly and nicely blended out I use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder to set the concealer so it stays in place.

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– SL.