URBAN DECAY – Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

urban decay - electric palette complete.jpg
Urban Decay – Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Review & Swatch

Price: $59 CAD *on sale: $24 USD*
Size: 10 x 0.04 oz

I thought it would be a good time to review this palette since October just arrived – so HALLOWEEN season has begun.*just a little plug – but I will be doing Halloween looks on my Instagram so hope over there if you are interested to see that* However – without realizing Sephora actually no longer carries this palette and the only place to find it, is on the Urban Decay website (it’s on sale though!). This probably means the palette is going to be / is already discontinued – so if you were interested I would say purchase it before it is gone!

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URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick

URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick (Oblivion) Review & Swatch

Price: $21CAD
Size: 0.11 oz
Shade: Oblivion

Recently Urban Decay launched their new lipsticks called, Vice Lipsticks. The lipsticks come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. They included more natural and nude tones to more glam and unconventional tones. I personally only picked up 1 in the matte finish – so I will only review the one formula – but I will try to pick up a couple more so I can cover those as well. Continue reading “URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick”

URBAN DECAY – Naked Basics Palette & Naked 2 Basics Palette

urban decay - naked basic complete
urban decay - naked basics 2 complete

Price: $34.00 CAD (per palette)
Size: 6 – 0.05 oz (per palette)

Both have practically the same exact packaging – plastic, matte brown palette with a mirror and 6 shades inside. The size is perfect for travelling since it is about 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall with only a thickness of about ½ and inch. I took the first palette on my month long Asia trip this past summer and there are no signs of wear or tear. The shadows were well protected and nothing broke or shattered inside which is a plus. It also comes with a good closure that clicks into place so you know it closed for sure – unlike the magnetic closer of the original naked palette. Overall I am quite please with the sturdy structure and sleek look of the Naked Basics palettes and would highly recommend them for travel, due to its durability.

Both palettes come with a total of 6 eye shadows – 5 matte and 1 shimmer (highlight). All possess the buttery and silky texture Urban Decay is well known for – however I did find that they were not quite as opaque as the original Naked palette’s shimmer shades. On a grand the scale the shadows provided a smooth application that is velvety and blend-able. The longevity is acceptable if you are not spending a few hours walking around in the hot sun and sweating tons – otherwise it does last all day especially if you use a primer before application. In summary, they are very similar to each other and I would not say that you would really need to have both of the Naked Basics palettes. I would suggest choosing the one that fits your skin tone and eye colour the best and go with that one.

Naked Basics Palette

Venus (shimmer): this is the ‘highlight’ shade with fine glitter – nothing too overwhelming or glittery. It is beige in tone when in the pan but gives off an off-white tone when applied. I usually apply it to the inner corners of my eyes or at my brow bone
Foxy: in the pan this colour looks tan however when applied it gives off a skin tone colour with yellow undertones
W.O.S: this shade is a lot like Foxy however it possess a pink undertone but the difference is very subtle
Naked 2: this shade is a very subtle and light taupe – however I found it sometimes looks ‘chalky’ on my lids. I often find myself using this as a subtle wash of colour on my lids for a quick look
Faint: This looks like a dark brown shade with a warm undertone. It is great for contouring the lids and is one of the more opaque shadows in the palette.
Crave: this is the darkest shade in the palette however I had hopes to use it as a liner but the opacity was not as strong as I wished. Luckily this shade is buildable so an opaque line is possible.

Overall, I found that these colours were sufficient enough for me to create casual and more formal looks when I was on vacation. I do wish that the darker shades were a little more opaque but besides that I was rather pleased with the palette since I am able to use all the shades unlike the original Naked palette.

Naked 2 Basics Palette

Skimp (shimmer): in this palette this is the highlighter shade provided, it has a pink tone and I find that this one is more opaque and finer than the Venus (Naked Basics)
Stark: this is a very pale pink that sometimes comes off a little chalky on my skin tone
Frisk: like the W.O.S (Naked Basics) this is a taupe colour however it is a little deeper in tone and leans on the grey side.
Cover: this is like a darker chocolate brown with a warm tone and has the opacity Urban Decay is known for
Primal: this shade is a lot like a black brown that leans closer to the brown side. I find this is great for a smokey eye as it is not as harsh as a black but still gives the depth you want
Undone: is a subtle black with a mix of brown which is a little like a darker version of Primal – making this also great for the night out look

Overall, I personally feel that the Naked 2 Basics palette was more on par with the original Naked palette – opacity wise. However, this palette consists of more darker shades which may or may not be useful if a majority of your looks are casual and natural looking. I personally like the darker shades of this palette over the ones found in the Naked Basics but I like the lighter shades in the Naked Basics over the ones in this palette (highlight shade not included).

In summary, I would say both palettes are great and affordable for the quality. On the plus side – I would not say that one would require both in their collection (which saves you some money). With these palettes it is a matter of whether you use more of the darker shades than the lighter ones or lighter ones more than the darker ones. Also, a large majority of these shades a matte and would not be great for you if you like shimmer shades.

– SL.

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SEPHORA – Holiday Shopping Event [20% off] HAUL

sephora 20off haul

For those who are Sephora VIB members – do not forget to take advantage of the 20% off going on until tomorrow !
I have decided to put a haul of some of the items i picked up at the store today, since the trek to the closest Sephora took a lot of energy out of me.

Above are only a few of the items I purchased, since some are still coming in the mail. I will list what they are below and if you have a preference on what item you would like to see a review on leave a comment below :) I will try my best to do reviews on them all.

PRODUCTS| left to right
NARS- Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (shade: Damned)
SEPHORA- Pro Full Coverage Airbrush #53
YSL- Touche Eclat Radiant Touch (shade: 2.5 Luminous Vanilla)
ANASTASIA- Brow Wiz (shade: Soft Brown)
BENEFIT- Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’Blushes (contains: Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Watt’s Up!, Hoola, Coralista, Rock, brush)
BENEFIT- Gimme Brow (shade: light/medium)
TARTE- Clean Slate Poreless
TARTE- Skinny SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner (colour: Deep Amethyst)
HOURGLASS- 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner (colour: Obsidian/ black)
— not pictured —
URBAN DECAY- B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray
URBAN DECAY- Naked2 Basics
HOURGLASS- Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick (shade: Canvas)
TOO FACED- Better Than Sex Mascara (colour: Black)
ANASTASIA- Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced
ANASTASIA- Brow Gel (colour: Clear)
MAKE UP FOR EVER- HD Pressed Powder

Before there are any mean comments below about the amount I purchased- I would like to mention that I do make a list of items throughout the year that I save to purchase with the 20% off . Also these will hopefully last me the year or longer, and some of these items I do pick up for my mother but do try out first for review purposes.

Thanks for reading!
– SL.

URBAN DECAY – Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara


Price: $24.00 CAD
Size: 0.37 Oz

The overall look and quality of the packaging is quite good and sturdy. The bottle has a simple and clean design with no odd bumps or edges. The wand is my favourite part, it is amazing! It is made with short but abundant and dense bristles. This really works to grab all your lashes individually and coat them evenly. It also helps to separate your lashes avoiding clumps in your application. This wand is easily one of my favourite designs of all the ones I have personally tried. I recommend this for you if you have thin sparse lashes and tend to get the spidery look with other wands. 

In short I love this formula for my lashes! It is a gel based mascara but it was not heavy on my lashes and dried relatively quickly for a gel base. Since it is not heavy it does not weight down my lashes and make them droopy. When you first apply the mascara it glides on smoothly and easily however it will transfer to your under eyes so do be careful and give it time to dry. On the bright side I found that since the wand was so slim I had fewer accidents and can apply my mascara quickly without being overly careful. As for volume and length do not expect it to work miracles but I found it gave me a good amount of length and fullness without clumping or creating the spidery effect. The formula is extremely waterproof, I have tried to use simple face cleansers to wash it off as a test and it barely budged. I had to use an oil based makeup remover before it came off easily. Longevity wise after a long day of being out and about I did not find any smudging on my under eyes even with my watery eyes. Lastly, this mascara thanks to its waterproof ability it does not flake even if you rub your eyes. Overall, I really recommend this mascara if you do not mind having to use an oil based makeup remover when taking off your makeup at the end of your day. Just remember, since it is extremely waterproof you need to soak cotton pads with remover and place them on your lashed for a minute without rubbing and it will come off. 


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– SL. 

URBAN DECAY – Chill Makeup Setting Spray


Price: $36.00 CAD
Size: 4 Oz

I was very surprised by the size and quality of the packaging. In my opinion it is a good size for the price you pay. The plastic, the bottle is made of is quite thick and sturdy and the spray nozzle has not given me any problems so far. Also the spray comes with 2 caps, one on the outside – which is larger and one directly over the spray nozzle. I personally found this a little excessive however it does add a sleeker look and extra security. The look of the packaging is matte which looks great but I found that when the bottle is thrown among other makeup it stains easily. Overall, the look, quality, and functionality is great, just a small heads up if you tend to have a messy makeup area or bag this bottle will get dirty. 

First and foremost this product’s purpose is to set your makeup and prevent it from shifting into fine lines. What sets it apart is the ‘temperature control technology’ which chills your makeup and helps it look freshly applied. Lastly, It is recommended for dry or combination skin therefore if you have oily skin this is not the product for you. For me personally I am on the fence about the product for multiple reasons. The positives are that it sprays out quite well; the nozzle disperses the product for an even application. Also during initial application it does not feel too wet on the face and it did not feel like my makeup was sliding out of place. It sets within about a minute and feels slightly hydrating but not to a dewy extent. The negatives are that when I tested its ability to keep my makeup from shifting it fell short of my expectation. I sprayed one side of my face with the spray and left the other side alone and went about my day. After about 9 hours I checked back on my makeup and found that the side with the setting spray had actually looked worse. In areas like my under eyes and sides of my nose (which are a little oilier) my concealer and foundation had fully shifted into my fine lines. However, on the side without the setting spray it looked almost perfectly fine just a little lighter but makeup did not shift. Overall, this product feels great during initial application, but as for its ability to hold makeup in its place I feel it did not do its job. 

just a side note: I have combination skin with dryness in my forehead and oilier skin on the sides of my nose, therefore this product may work better for you. I found that my dryer areas looked fine; it was in my oilier areas where I found that my makeup had shifted into my fine lines. If you have similar skin to me, I do not suggest this specific setting spray but if you have dryer skin I feel it may be worth a try. 


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– SL.