SEPHORA COLLECTION- Bright Future Color Correctors

sephora-colour corrector complete
SEPHORA COLLECTION – Bright Future Color Correction Review & Swatch (Peach)

Price: $18 CAD
Size: 0.14 oz
Shade: Peach (4)


The packaging is a relatively basic hard plastic tube with a rounded felt tip. The mouth of the tube has a piece that helps to scrape off excess that unfortunately takes off pretty much all the product off the sides making application difficult. A doe footed applicator would have made it a little easier but that would be the only con for packaging. The size is relatively travel friendly and because it is a affordable product I do not have to worry about it as much when I throw it into my makeup bag. Overall, the packaging is great and decent for the price however, the rounded applicator and scraper makes it a little hard to apply.


The Bright Future Color Corrector is a gel like formula that feels light weight but still has a surprising amount of pigmentation. The product is buildable and blends easily with a beauty blender or your fingers (not so much with a brush). The down side is the slightly odd smell that it has, luckily it is unnoticeable when applied to the face. As for longevity the product lasts the day and does not sink into my fine lines when I set the product with powder. Overall, the product does what I need it to do and comes with a nice price, it blends decently well and helps to correct the dark circles under my eyes. Unfortunately, it does have a little of an odd smell and does not do extra to brighten out the area as it claims to – but I am still pretty pleased with the product.


The peach tone was alright for my blue-ish purple dark circles but I do wish it did a little bit more to brighten out my under eye area. However, it helps to conceal the darkness and has lessened the amount of concealer I need to use.

– SL.

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