INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base

INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base Review & Swatch

Price: $21.90 CAD (
Size: 40 mL

While in Asia I made it a point to visit Innisfree – because Toronto does not have any locations yet. I managed to pick out a couple of skincare and makeup items and I thought it would be fitting to review their Mineral Moisture Fitting Base as it is winter right now and skin tends to be a little dryer. Continue reading “INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base”


hylamide - HA blur complete
HYLAMIDE – HA Blur Review & Swatch

Price: $19 CAD
Size: 30 mL

This is a blurring primer that works to scatter light in hopes to hide imperfections. It is said to use a new kind of Hyaluronic Acid powder which works to blur imperfections without compromising the compatibility with makeup.  Continue reading “HYLAMIDE- HA Blur”

HYLAMIDE – Photography Foundation

hylamide - photography foundation complete.jpg
HYLAMIDE – Photography Foundation (transparent) Review & Swatch

Price: $20 CAD
Size: 30 mL
Shade: transparent

This product is extremely similar to the product I did my last review on – NIOD – photography fluid. For info on what photography fluid is please refer to that review. Unlike the Niod one – Hylamide has a few shades available: transparent, golden tan, and dark tan which would be better for darker skin tones as the ‘transparent’ one may not blend into the skin as well. Also, the name is a little confusing as they used the word foundation – the product is NOT your typical foundation it is more like a luminous primer – you still need to apply foundation over the skin. Continue reading “HYLAMIDE – Photography Foundation”

NIOD – Photography Fluid

NIOD - photography fluid complete
NIOD – Photography Fluid Revew & Swatch

Price: $30 CAD
Size: 30 mL


Side stepping away from Sephora products I recently got into trying out photography fluids. These are products that you apply onto your skin and they create a reflective surface that reflects light in a way that allows your skin to look flawless in photos.


The whole brand has a unique type of packaging that looks a lot like old school medical products. The photography fluid comes in a glass brown drop tip bottle that looks clean and ‘vintage.’ I did find that there was a little bit of product buildup on the lip of the bottle from taking the dropper in and out. Luckily as I use up the product I have noticed that it is not much of an issue anymore. Overall, besides the product buildup during the first couple of uses the packaging is simplistic and convenient – unfortunately the glass bottle does make it less travel friendly but great otherwise.



I will first explain what photography fluid is – it is priming fluid that incorporates ‘nano-prismatic’ particles that refract light and work to balance out the look of your skin tone and other imperfections. In essence it is a magical serum that makes your skin look amazing in photos. A couple of brands have created their own version and I have picked up this one and another from Hylamide.

The Noid Photography Fluid has a very liquidy and light weight consistency that smoothes onto the skin effortlessly. However, the liquidy texture does make spot application a little hard as it tends to slide around – however it is great for a quick all over the face application. The product blends smoothly over this skin – though I did notice a little bit of a patchiness – luckily I have noticed that patchiness does not affect the overall outcome too much (so a clean application is not entirely important). After a couple of tests I found it actually worked best for hiding dark circles and any hyper-pigmentation. As for fine lines and wrinkles it made a bigger difference on older skin (like my mother’s) in comparison to my own. Overall, this is a great product if you have an up coming event that will have a lot of photos being taken (ie. Weddings) as it will work to smooth out the appearance of your skin in photos. I have noticed the difference is not as noticeable in person – however it does provide a natural healthy glow to the skin that does work to make you appear more youthful. Do remember though that this product is NOT a skin care product that will fix imperfections it is merely just a ‘cover’ up product that will temporarily hide imperfections.

– SL.

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YVES SAINT LAURENT – Touche Eclat Blur Primer

YSL - touche eclat blur primer complete.jpg

As we slowly move away from colour correctors, I wanted to talk about a product that I have had for a while now but have only gravitated to a lot more recently.

Price: $55 CAD
Size: 1.0 oz


In good old YSL fashion, the product comes in a beautiful and elegant packaging. The product comes in a solid glass bottle with a gold finished plastic pump and cap. The labels are clean, simple, and luxurious and make this product a great looking piece for your makeup collection. A couple of down sides would be that the cap slides off pretty easily and that the glass makes the product not the best to travel with. Overall, the size and function of the packaging is great, the aesthetic and feel are luxurious, but it is not a travel friendly product.


This primer is a little on pricey end, on the surface – however if you look at the price from a unit/$ amount it actually turns out to be on par with the Benefit Porefessional primer. The primer is a little interesting as it comes with flecks of gold glitter which are supposed to provide a luminous look to the skin however; the specks are a little large to provide a natural looking glow in comparison to what a shimmer would do. The glitters also tend to fall off and go unnoticed after the rest of the makeup gets applied. As for its blurring effectiveness I found that it did do a little bit but was not that significant and did very little to blur stronger imperfections. However, this primer wins in my books because if its extremely, now it mean EXTREMELY silky texture! The product smoothes onto the skin effortlessly and leaves the most smooth and silky feeling that makes the skin feel soft and plump. The primer does feel like a silicone based primer however it does not leave little silicone bits when smoothing it into the skin. This texture does contribute to filling in fine lines and pores which allow your makeup to look flawless on your skin. I would recommend the primer for regular day time makeup as it give your skin a smooth texture that looks natural and beautiful. I personally, have used it under higher makeup applications and have not found any issues however, I do foresee it not working well as it creates a very slippery surface that may not allow makeup to cling onto well. A trick I have used with – not only this primer – is mixing the primer I used on my face into the foundation I am applying as it allows the product to blend with each other better. This technique may minimize the slipping and sliding of your makeup products and with help your foundation look less cakey. Overall, the texture of this product is amazing – it allows your skin to look naturally smooth and silky. There are gold flecks that I did not find did anything significant however, the product works really well for your daily makeup routine and gives your skin an amazing look.

– SL.

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Price: $39 | $50 CAD
Size: 0.75 oz | 1.5 oz

This product has been a staple favourite of mine for years and I was surprised to see that I had not done a review on it yet, so here it is!


The primer comes in a basic style plastic tube with a place cap – so nothing special. Looks wise I do not hate the look but I do not love it – I do prefer that it come a little more ‘classy’ looking as it is a high end make up product and it does not look the best on my makeup table – however I cannot complain that much as this is what benefit products simply are designed like and it is part of their branding. Otherwise there is not much to say as the product comes out easily and the size of the product is great in general and for travelling.


Just to start I would like to mention again that I do not mind silicone based products and this product is definitely silicone based. The product has been my all time favourite for a number of reasons first, is the fact that the base is tinted which helps to blur small imperfections even before I put on foundation which keeps me from pilling on product just to cover up small things. Second, is its lightweight texture – the product applies smoothly and thinly you barely feel it on your skin which is great if you are going for a heavy look as layers and layers of makeup become uncomfortable after a while. Third, is the mattify-ing effect it has which helps to control oil on my face throughout the day. I find that when I use this product under my makeup I do not find the need to touch up or blot my face throughout the day. Lastly, I find it works well to smooth out my skin creating a smooth surface for makeup. It is extremely important to have a smooth and hydrated surface of skin before putting on makeup because this will help make your application look flawless and natural. As for its claim to minimize pores I would say it works if your pores are still relatively small and not a big issue – I found that for my mother (who has larger pores) it did not have as much of an effect so it is not a miracle worker. Also as it is a silicone based product some may find that the product will break them out as silicone creates a barrier on your skin that will keep in moisture (which is good) but will also keep in sebum and bacteria (causing breakouts). Personally, I love the finish that silicone products give me so I use them carefully by taking extra precaution to cleanse my face thoroughly and applying my full skin care routine first before applying the primer. Also I try to keep the layer of primer thin in hopes to allow a little breathing room for my skin. The last con would be the smell – it is a little on the stronger side and is not the most pleasant thing to smell but it did not bother me too much and went away after a while.


This primer is definitely a debatable product and I recommend you test it out on your skin before purchasing as I am aware that some skin types may react to silicone based products (ie. Irritation or breakout). Another con would be its smell that is on the stronger side and may deter you from enjoying the product. However, the pros would be that the product is tinted helping you blur small imperfections, it also creates a smooth surface for your makeup to sit on. As for its ability to lengthen the wear of your makeup I did not see that it did much more than any other primer so all roughly the same level in this category.

– SL.


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