MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Review

Price: $33 CAD
Size: 0.32 oz

I noticed that I have not done a review on mascara in a while so I decided to review the Velvet Noir from Marc Jacobs. I found myself using this one quite a bit recently for my Instagram photos however, Too Faced’s Better Than Sex is still a staple in my regular routine though. Continue reading “MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara”


MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector

marc jacobs - covert stick bright now complete
MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector Review & Swatch

Price: $52 CAD
Size: 0.56 oz
Shade: Bright Now


The color corrector comes in an interesting packaging, it reminds me of deodorant packaging. It is a white hard plastic, palm size stick with a swivel on the bottom that pushes the product up. The cap lightly clicks into place, but the extremely smooth surface makes it a little hard to remove the cap. I recommend holding onto the black swivel and pulling on the top while applying slight pressure. The swivel works smoothly and I have not had any complications. Lastly, the size and shape makes this colour correct a little less travel friendly than others. Overall, the look and feel of the packaging is amazing, besides the minor struggle when removing the cap, the packaging is unique and keeps the product safe.


This colour corrector is a little different from others on the market. First, would be its skinny oval shape which works great for going over high points on the cheek. However, it makes reaching and targeting smaller areas a little more difficult as it is a little awkward to work with. Second, would be its texture/consistency, which is cream but also a powder. When you apply it to the skin it smoothes on like a cream, however when you use your fingers to blend it out it feels like a powder to the touch. This creamy powder texture makes the product feather light and blends easily into the skin. The texture also does not crease like creamy products would, which minimize the need to set the product with powder. As for pigmentation the product has light to medium pay off. The products are also a ‘hybrid’ style corrector which means that they have combined 2 types of correctors into one product. So they go as follows

            Bright Now: pink and lilac = dullness & dark circles

            Co(vert) Affairs: citron and lime = redness

            Getting Warmer: peach and caramel = hyperpigmentation

Overall, the texture is the highlight of this product as it is a creamy powder that does not require setting powder. It blends and smooths onto the skin effortlessly and provides your skin with a light and natural correction. It lasts a good majority of the day and is weightless on the skin all while avoiding seeping into fine lines. On the down side because it is a stick like format it makes delivering the product to spot correct a little difficult without a brush. It is more of a medium to large area colour corrector. These things aside it is a fairly easy product to use and would be a great introductory product to color correction.



This shade is a combination of pinks and purples which work great to combat dullness in the skin. Its pigmentation is light which works to give you a natural brightening effect. This unfortunately was not strong enough to combat my dark circles however, it worked great on points I wanted to bring out, like the high points of my face (ex. cheeks and forehead).

– SL.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty – Highliner (Gel Crayon)

Marc Jacobs Highliner
Price: $30 CAD
Shade: Blacquer
Size: 0.1 Oz

Being a fan of Marc Jacobs, I was very excited when I heard he was coming out with a line of makeup. I have always loved his style so I had very high hopes for the line. When it first came out in Sephora, I wanted to buy and try it all but the price was definitely on the higher end. With the price in mind I limited myself to one item I needed most from the collection, so I ended up buying the highliner.

On the website it claimed to be waterproof, long-wearing, and colour-intense. It is described to be a gel pot eyeliner encased within a crayon. The liner contains vitamin E and rosa canina seed extract, which is supposed to soothe, soften and protect the delicate skin around our eyes. It also suggests that after applying the eyeliner you should blend it quickly as it sets within 15 seconds.

With this in mind I bought it hoping it would be great for tight lining because of its smooth consistency and claim to be waterproof. In my opinion the eyeliner would not be my top choice for tight lining as it transfer to my under eyes after 2 – 3 hours. Not only would it smudge but it would also collect in my outer eye corners due to my watery eyes. When using it to line the eyes I agree the application was smooth but the line would jump creating blank spaces, also due to it being so soft, it broke easily when being used and would occasionally crumble when I lined my eyes. I tried to fix it by smudging it with a brush but the line would be really inconsistent and because it dried quickly I would not be able to fix the whole line before it set. Another problem I had with it was its diameter of the product. I would use the sharpener to sharpen it but as it drew the line it would quickly become dull because of its extremely soft formula creating a thick line. I definitely would not recommend this for drawing the winged eyeliner look. On the positive side the black liner was very pigmented and black, which I did enjoy. However, for its price and my experience with the highliner I would not purchase it again as I do prefer the Make Up For Ever eyeliners for tight lining and lining the eyes.

Overall I was not very happy with this product. Since I have watery eyes it smudged faster than I anticipated. I even tried using an eyeliner brush to grab the product and then drawing it onto my eyes, but it dried faster than I could apply it. I hope they improve the product a little, because I loved the packaging and pigmentation.

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– SL.