BURBERRY – Cashmere Concealer

BURBERRY – Cashmere Concealer (Ivory) Review & Swatch

Price: $42 CAD
Size: 0.08 oz
Shade: Ivory (No. 00)

Burberry came out with a lot of beauty product recently and I picked up this one after hearing great things. It has become a staple in the routine and here is my review.


The concealer comes in a tan colour and textured box which is quite unique. And the concealer itself comes in a plastic grey tube with a felt tip applicator that allows you to apply the product in an even amount. The applicator has a twist backing which controls the amount- to keep you from using too much (since it is not a cheap product – could also save you some money). Personally, I felt like the concealer did not come with a lot of product so the twist backing helps reduce displacing too much. Overall, the packaging is great however, for a $42 concealer I do expect a little more of a luxurious touch – otherwise the packaging looks pretty and functions well. Not to mention travel friendly too.


The concealer comes in a couple of shades, and I found that the Ivory shade worked well for my yellow under toned skin (unlike many other brands). The concealer has a light to medium coverage that is buildable and is thin and weightless on the skin. I do not recommend this concealer if you are looking for a high coverage concealer as you will waste a lot trying too achieve what you want (not worth the money in that case). The concealer acts a lot like a light boost to the skin to freshen out the appearance under your eyes. The concealer does not crease (especially when set with powder) and wears well throughout the day, in addition the formula is lightweight and wears comfortably. Overall, the concealer works well to brighten and cover my undereye area while still being lightweight and natural looking. I would definitely, recommend this concealer if only the price tag was a little lower, especially since you only get a small amount of product.

– SL.

SMASHBOX – Photo Finish Primer Water

smashbox - primer water spray complete.jpg
SMASHBOX – Photo Finish Primer Water Review

Price: $39 CAD | $20 CAD
Size: 3.9 oz |1 oz

I purchased this a while back after seeing the amount of popularity it received. Interesting enough, I often saw this product being used as a setting spray instead of a priming spray. Well these are my thoughts on the product…

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INNISFREE – No-Sebum Mineral Powder

innisfree - no sebum mineral powder complete
INNISFREE – No Sebum Mineral Powder Review & Swatch

Price: $9.36 CAD
Size: 5 g

Innisfree is a popular Korean brand and one of their most popular products is this mineral powder. They have 2 types of setting powder: the first is a blur powder which has a tint and the second is this mineral powder which is translucent. Both are available in loose and pressed formulas, but today’s review will only be on the No Sebum Mineral Powder in the loose powder version. Continue reading “INNISFREE – No-Sebum Mineral Powder”


hylamide - HA blur complete
HYLAMIDE – HA Blur Review & Swatch

Price: $19 CAD
Size: 30 mL

This is a blurring primer that works to scatter light in hopes to hide imperfections. It is said to use a new kind of Hyaluronic Acid powder which works to blur imperfections without compromising the compatibility with makeup.  Continue reading “HYLAMIDE- HA Blur”

MAKE UP FOR EVER – Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer

makeupforever - step 1 primer blue complete
MAKE UP FOR EVER – Step 1 Skin Equalizer (Radiant Blue) Primer Swatch & Review

Price: $45 CAD
Size: 1.0 Oz
Shade: Radiant Primer Blue


The packaging for all the Step 1 primers are similar, they come in a plastic, matte finish tub with a pointed ‘spout’ and an extremely small opening. The small opening causes a little trouble when there is an air bubble on the inside – as it will spit out product as you squeeze. Besides this the overall packaging is practical and comes in a great size, convenient for travelling and is a good size.

PRODUCT (Radiant Blue)

This product is a colour correcting primer which works to brighten the skin tone. The consistency is similar to a watery lotion which helps it blend into the skin effortlessly. It feels silky smooth and extremely light weight on the skin. Pigmentation wise it is on the sheer side – so it is great for a subtle brightening affect on light skin tones. This means that use for all over the face is doable but if a heavier correction is desired this may not be the product for you. It works well as a quick brightening pick me up for your skin tone, especially on the high points of the face. Overall, the texture of the product is amazing – it feels weightless and sets to a matte finish helping you avoid any creasing. The pigmentation is on the sheer end; therefore it is geared for a light colour correct effect.  Though it is marketed as a ‘primer’ I would still recommend you to use an overall primer after this product to create a tackier surface for your makeup to stick to. The price point is on the higher end – luckily a little goes a long way and will last you a bit if you use it sparingly.

– SL.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER – Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation

make up for ever - hd invisible cover stick foundation complete
MAKE UP FOR EVER – Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation Review & Swatch

MAKE UP FOR EVER – Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation
Price: $50 CAD
Size: 0.44 oz
Shade: 120 = Y245 Soft Sand

Recently I was watching a lot of NikkieTutorials on Youtube and loved how this foundation looked on her so I went and purchased one for myself.


The foundation comes in a thick plastic ‘stick’ much like a lipstick it twists up and down. The casing is solid black with a clear top so you can see which shade it is. The cap clicks into place when closed which is always a plus and closes pretty tightly so chances of the cap falling off is low. Overall, the packaging is travel friend, comes in a good side, and has a cap that clicks well into place. (Also because it is creamy it will not leak all over your makeup bag).


The foundation is a creamy stick formula that makes application easy. You can apply the product to the specific area you want and blend it out lightly. Because of the stick formulation I found that you can slightly contour your face with these sticks just by applying a darker shade to the outer area of your face and the lighter in the inner portion. The foundation’s creamy texture makes it stick well to the skin and therefore does not slide around during blending making it a high coverage. The foundation is also quick and easy to use – it applies smoothly and blensds out quickly (however I do recommend that you use a beauty blending and not a brush to blend this product). Though it is a high coverage foundation the product did not dry out my skin or become oily. Also it lasts the whole day and stays relatively put without any touch ups. On the down side I would say that this foundation is not a ‘natural’ looking foundation and is not for day to day use or a ‘no make’ makeup look (if that is what you prefer). The foundation is more of an instagram or  photo friendly foundation as it looks great in photos. Overall, I recommend this product if you like a high coverage that does not look overly cakey. It also is pretty comfortable on the skin for how thick it is and wears great throughout the day but is definitely a foundation I would only use for photos or a higher ‘glam’ or heavy makeup day.

**side note I purchased the shade Soft Sand and found that the foundations do run slightly lighter than what they look like in the tube. They especially do not look as dark as they do online so I would recommend going to the store and getting colour matched before purchasing. Besides that the range of colours are decent and I was able to find one with a yellow undertone.

– SL.

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