BURBERRY – Cashmere Concealer

BURBERRY – Cashmere Concealer (Ivory) Review & Swatch

Price: $42 CAD
Size: 0.08 oz
Shade: Ivory (No. 00)

Burberry came out with a lot of beauty product recently and I picked up this one after hearing great things. It has become a staple in the routine and here is my review.


The concealer comes in a tan colour and textured box which is quite unique. And the concealer itself comes in a plastic grey tube with a felt tip applicator that allows you to apply the product in an even amount. The applicator has a twist backing which controls the amount- to keep you from using too much (since it is not a cheap product – could also save you some money). Personally, I felt like the concealer did not come with a lot of product so the twist backing helps reduce displacing too much. Overall, the packaging is great however, for a $42 concealer I do expect a little more of a luxurious touch – otherwise the packaging looks pretty and functions well. Not to mention travel friendly too.


The concealer comes in a couple of shades, and I found that the Ivory shade worked well for my yellow under toned skin (unlike many other brands). The concealer has a light to medium coverage that is buildable and is thin and weightless on the skin. I do not recommend this concealer if you are looking for a high coverage concealer as you will waste a lot trying too achieve what you want (not worth the money in that case). The concealer acts a lot like a light boost to the skin to freshen out the appearance under your eyes. The concealer does not crease (especially when set with powder) and wears well throughout the day, in addition the formula is lightweight and wears comfortably. Overall, the concealer works well to brighten and cover my undereye area while still being lightweight and natural looking. I would definitely, recommend this concealer if only the price tag was a little lower, especially since you only get a small amount of product.

– SL.


BOBBI BROWN – Intensive Skin Serum Concealer

bobbi brown - intensive skin serum concealer complete.jpg
BOBBI BROWN – Intensive Skin Serum Concealer Review & Swatch

Price: $47 CAD
Size: 0.24 Oz
Shade: Sand (5)

Moving on from highlighters – I will slowly start to write reviews on another trend: colour correcting. I will ease into it by review this hybrid corrector and concealer product


This concealer comes in a palm sized packaging which is great for traveling and throwing into your bag for quick touch ups during the day. The packaging is a nice hard plastic with a gold detailing on the lid stamped with Bobbi Brown’s emblem. The cap clicks into place when closed and it has a basic felt tip doe foot applicator. Overall, the concealer comes in a convenient sized packaging which is great for traveling and also has a good feel and weight to it.


This product is a light to medium coverage concealer with a serum included into the formula which is said to help reduce dark circles. The concealer also has a slight peach undertone which is known to ‘cancel’ out purple tones – often found in under eye circles. The formula is extremely thin and spreads and blends easily making higher coverage a little hard to achieve. The consistency tends to allow the product to slide around so it is best to pat the product in and powder to avoid creasing. After a couple of experiments I found that the product would crease and seep into fine lines when it was applied to unprimed skin. The peach undertone did help to cancel out the purple in my under eyes and the texture is a smooth and velvety matte finish when it sets (without powder). The blended swatch above shows this best, it was able to cover my blue-green toned veins. As for the serum portion of the product I did not find it hydrating or corrective in the long term (but I will keep testing it out as I have not used it consecutively).  Overall, the product is a little bit of a hit and miss – I do like to use it and find that it cancels out my dark circles well without the need to pile on too many products onto my under eye area. However, the shade availability is a little limited for lighter skin tones – but I was lucky enough to find a shade that actually matched me perfectly. Unfortunately, I did not find that the serum aspect improved my dark circles much but I will try to use it more consecutively to see if it makes a difference. This aspect makes the product a little on the ‘not worth it’ side however, I do enjoy the product for its colour and lightweight feeling but it is above all not a must have.

*tip: make sure your under eyes are well hydrated (maybe even a little over hydrated), definitely primed, and finished with powder.

– SL.

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