Tarte – Be Mattenificent Amazonian Colored Clay Matte Eye & Cheek Palette

tarte - be mattenificent palette

Tarte Be Mattenificent Amazonian Coloured Clay Matte Eye & Cheek Palette
Price: $43 CAD (Click photo to go to product on Sephora)
Free of: parabens & phthalates
– Eye shadows (6): 0.0758 Oz each
– Blush (1): 0.1244 Oz
– Eyeliner/eye shadow (2): 0.1185 Oz each
Included in the palette:
1. Sand out from the crowd
2. Peach for the stars
3. Two plums up
4. Pink outside the box
5. Rose to the occasion
6. View from the taupe
7. Elevated
8. Dream in chocolate
9. Don’t stand black

**Palette can be found my on LUVOCRACY page.

If you want the short version of my opinion, it is: I LOVE THIS PALETTE FOR EVERYDAY LOOKS! IT IS SO VELVETY SMOOTH!

If you want the long version of my opinion and thoughts, well here it is: I am not a big fan of glitter shadows and usually gravitate towards matte shadows, so this was a great find for me. I do have to warn you though, on the box it comes in you will see ‘CC’ on it. Do not be fooled this palette has nothing to do with the ‘colour correcting’ products you see on the market. The ‘CC’ is meant to stand for Coloured Clay, which is one of the main ingredients in the palette. Tarte is known for their use of Amazonian Clay in their products, but what are its benefits? Well I did a little research for you and below is what I found.

Now you may wonder what Amazonian clay is and what the benefits are. I tried to do a little research on the ingredient ‘Amazonian clay’ but was met with very little answers outside of the Tarte website. So I took a look at the ingredients listed in the product and found ‘Amazonian clay’, rose clay, vanilla clay, and mineral pigments, which are ingredients that are found in many cosmetic products. As I looked at the compound break down, I did not find any harmful chemicals, so from my knowledge I do not think these products are bad for your skin as some people fear. However, I do not know for sure outside from Tarte’s claim that these products are fully natural. With this in mind I have not had any negative experiences with the product and my mother, who has sensitive skin, did not react to any of the ingredients. Amazonian clay: (as stated on the Tarte website) is known to remove oils, nourish, reduce dryness and flakiness, provide a smooth appearance, improve clarity and texture, and hydrate the skin. Overall, Amazonian Clay is what gives the product its smooth and silky texture, along with oil absorbing powers that prevent the product from creasing and smudging.

The packaging is very beautiful, sleek, and sturdy. The top is made to replicate the look of amethyst, giving it a unique and luxurious look in comparison to other palettes. Tarte definitely put equal effort into the outside as they did the product on the inside. The closure on the palette clicks and locks in place, so when put into a bag for traveling, you can be sure that it will not open up and get destroyed.

6 Eye shadows
– 3 nude tones
– 2 dark nude tones
– 1 dark tone
1 Blush
2 Eye liner / eye shadows
1 Double ended brush
– Blender side (great for blending in the product)
– Eye shadow (good for patting the product onto the eyelid)

1. Sand out from the crowd

This is a nude with a yellow undertone, making it great if you want the ‘no makeup’ makeup look for warm skin tones. This can also be used to lightly highlight and even out the look for your eye lids. All you need to do is pick up a bit on to your fingertip and dab it onto your lid lightly and delicately.
2. Peach for the stars
Like the name says, it is a peachy pink nude made for warm skin tones. It will give you a natural looking peachy pink tint to your eye lids and is also ideal for a matte pink smoky eye look
3. Two plums up
This is the only bold eye shadow in the palette which is a deep purple, that is quite versatile since it is a toned down deep purple. It can be applied all over the lid for a hazy purple look or in the crease to add depth. This colour looks amazing in combination with the nudes of the palette, and the purple really made my chocolate brown eyes stand out.
4. Pink outside the box
This is a nude pink that compliments cool skin tones, making it ideal for the ‘no make’ makeup look. It is very similar to ‘sand out from the crowd’ but because the undertone, it will appear more flattering that the other, depending on your own undertones.
5. Rose to the occasion
Do not be fooled by the name but this is a taupe with a mix of rosy pink. This colour will go great with ‘pink outside the box’ for a natural looking gradient look. I used this on my day to day look to contour my crease just slightly.
6. View from the taupe
Like the name states it is a simple taupe colour, a very natural looking grey-brown which pairs well with ‘sand out from the crowd’ if you want the natural gradient. It is also a great way to contour lightly in your crease.
7. Elevated (blush)
This is the blush, which is a rosy pink that looks very natural on skin. When you wear this it will not be obvious that you are wearing blush but it will give you a nice rosy tint. The blush makes a perfect complement to the natural and everyday look you will produce from the shadows in the palette. This blush is a very good way to finish your natural look.
8. Dream in chocolate
This eyeliner / eye shadow is a dark brown that completes neutral looks. It allows you to line your eyes without making you look harsh. Since it doubles as an eye shadow, it combines amazingly well with the ‘view from the taupe’ and ‘sand out from the crow’ for a matte brown smoky eye.
9. Don’t stand black
The second liner colour is a toned down black (not a dark black) which does not create a harsh line. This is a good option if you want a bolder line to your look without it looking like liquid liner. It also doubles to at depth to your crease if you want a smoky eye.

I fell in love with the eye shadow the moment I swatched them. They were so buttery, silky, and velvety upon application providing them with the ability to blend with ease. In combination to its soft powder, it is highly pigment, therefore you do not need to pick up a lot of product onto the brush. On the down side, the nudes are quite similar to each other, and I was hoping that ‘peach for the stars’ and ‘rose to the occasion’ would be on the deeper side, but I still like them a lot. That is why this is definitely not a bold or statement palette, it is designed for a natural and subtle ‘wash of colour’ look. I am not sure if it is thanks to the clay, but I noticed that the shadows looked different from other shadows when sitting on my lid. When you apply other eye shadows it is quite obvious that powder is sitting on your skin, but with these, it looked like I used a tint giving a more natural affect. To put the product to the test I tried it once with primer and once without primer.
With primer: It glided on very easily and beautifully like a cream eye shadow, with little to no fall out. By the end of the day I observed that it did not crease or smudge, even when put up against the cold Canadian winter and my watery eyes.
Without primer: it still stayed true and applied beautifully and smoothly. However, since it did not have primer to stick to, I did require a little bit more product but not a significant amount more. With that in mind I did not notice much fallout and it still looked flawless once applied. As for longevity I did not notice much of a difference, it once again did not smudge or budge.

The formula was a little more compact than the shadows, therefore to the touch it was not at the same level of silky-ness. Though it did not feel the same, it still applied and glided on effortlessly without any breaks in the line. They were both pigmented with little to no fallout. The lines created from the powders were easy to line the eyes with, as they were consistent and smooth without skips in the line.

I found that the formula was just as soft and velvety as the shadows, helping it blend well into the skin. Just like the shadows, it did not appear like powder on my skin it gave almost the same effect that stains give.

I really loved this palette and it is getting a place in my everyday look. I really think it, is a great value for the quantity and quality you get. This palette is a great find for the matte lover who prefers the natural look. You can create everyday looks that do not make you look too done up for the occasion. I recommend this palette if you are new to using eye shadows on your everyday look. It is a great way to learn how to create smoky eyes without looking like you are about to go clubbing. However, due to its predominance in nudes, it may not show up on some skin tones, I am an Asian with a light-medium skin tone and from my experience it showed up well and blended beautifully with my skin. From reading reviews, I do not think this palette is universal to all skin tones so I recommend testing the colours on your skin before purchasing the palette. I feel, beside this negative point a lot has gone into the quality of the product from the packaging to the formulas. Finally, the brush that came along with the palette was perfect for my eyes. My fold is very close to my eyes, minimizing the space I have to work with; because of this I have avoided using normal size blending brushes. I was pleased to find that the one provided fit perfectly in the fold and blended the shadows smoothly without bringing the colour too far up. I really love this product and would recommend it if you are into nude and natural looks.

– SL.