DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC –  Deep Cleansing Oil 

Price: $36.96 CAD | $19.85 CAD
Size: 200 mL (full size) | 70 mL (travel size* pictured above)

Before my trip to Asia I went searching for popular Asian products and this cleansing oil from DHC came up a couple of times so I picked it up and tried it out -here is a my review. Please excuse the half used bottle in the photo above, I opened it to try the product while still in Asia and took the picture after I returned – rest assured the bottle does come filled.


Just a quick note if you are new to cleansing oils: cleansing oils have been around for a bit and sound scary to anyone who has oily skin or are in general just not a huge fan of oil. Simply put there are ‘good’ oils and then there are ‘bad’ oils. The bad oils, for example sebum, are the oils we do not want on our face. However, good oils, for example botanical oils, are the oils we want to add to our face. On our face we have both good and bad oils and when we wash our face with cleanser it washes away both and do not replace the skin with any good oils – leaving your skin feeling dry and striped. You know that squeaky clean feeling you feel after washing your face? Ye, THAT feeling is a face striped of oils, good and bad. This makes your skin feel imbalanced and your skin will produce oils (ie. sebum) to make up for the lack of hydration which in turn could produce acne and the dreaded oily skin. So to combat that from happening, cleansing oils were created to be the saving grace! When you use a cleansing oil the dirt and bad oils are pulled from the skin while keeping the skin hydrated which will keep the skin from feeling the need to produce sebum to re-hydrate it. Now you might think – can a regular oil like baby oil do the same? Yes and no, the baby oil will work to break down the makeup and dirt however, because of the properties in the specific oil it will actually block and clog your pores. This could make it difficult for your skin to breath and that may cause breakouts. So if you are going to venture into the world of OIL COSMETICS make sure you do your research and look into which type of oils are best for your own skin. There are a lot of types out there and they have made oils geared for dry, oily, normal, acne prone, and so on so definitely do your research.


DHC is a middle range brand so their packaging will be judged accordingly. The cleansing oil (travel size) came in a hand sized, clear plastic bottle, with a simple pump and cap. The label and look are relatively clean and basic like their brand. Functionally, I had no issues with the pump or cap however it was really nothing special, for some reason I expected them to have better packaging as many Japanese brands put lots of effort into the look and function of their products. Overall, the packaging worked fine and I had no trouble at all however, it did not really wow me in any way.


To preface this section – I will break down what I usually look for in a cleansing oil.
1. The cleanser should be able to break down makeup with 1-2 pumps
2. The cleanser should leave my skin feeling hydrated and plump but NOT greasy
3. The cleanser should NOT clog my pores

The DHC cleansing oil was light weight and the texture was similar to many other cleansing oils that I have tried. Firstly, it worked to break down simple day to day makeup with roughly 2-3 pumps however anything heavier (ie. instagram makeup) and more water resistant products would require a couple more pumps. Secondly, the cleanser did leave my skin hydrated however, I wanted it to feel a little bit more plump and refreshed. My skin usually feels clean and plump after cleansing oils, however, it did not give me that same level of fresh and clean feel. I did go over my face with a toner and could see that the cleansing oil did a good job, it just did not give my skin that clean feeling. Lastly, the cleanser did not clog my pores, however I feel like it did little to help me clean out my pores, so I ended up using a pore clearing cleanser after the cleansing oil just to make sure there was no build up of dirt in my pores which could lead to break outs. Overall, the cleansing oil did do its job however, if I am comparing it to the others that I have tried – and they perform relatively the same. If the price was a little cheaper I would not mind repurchasing the product, however I can get a similarly performing product for a cheaper price so it just would not make sense to repurchase this one. If you are a fan of DHC products and you use their other products and are looking to add this one into the mix it definitely is not a disappointing product, I personally just feel like it did not do much more than other ones that I have tried. Personally for a product  that is marketed to be a DEEP cleansing oil I would expect it to clean out my pores a little better.

Side note: it is important to apply the cleansing oil to your DRY face and massage the product in to break down the makeup and dirt. Then you slowly incorporate water and massage till the product turns into a milky consistency and then you can rinse it away. It will not work as well if you use it like a regular foam cleanser.

– SL.

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GIORGIO ARMANI – Luminous Silk Foundation

giorgio armani - luminous silk foundation complete.jpg
GIORGIO ARMANI – Luminous Silk Foundation (4) Review & Swatch

Price: $68 CAD
Size: 30 mL
Shade: 4 (light skin with golden undertone)

This foundation is extremely popular among beauty gurus on the internet however, for $68 I really could not justify the purchase for a while. So when the Sephora discount came along I thought I would pick it up and give it a try – and here are my thoughts! Also, I wanted to mention that Giorgio Armani has a couple of foundations in different formulas and this review is just on the luminous silk formula.


The foundation comes in a clean and luxurious packaging (which I expect at this price). The bottle is a matte glass with a plastic cap and pump. The look and feel are great however considering the price – it really does not blow me away. Functionally the pump is alright as it displaces a good amount of product, not too much not too little. However a tiny bit of product gets left over at the mouth of the pump and over time it creates a little clump of product – which is not the most fun thing to happen to such an expensive product. Overall, the look and feel did feel luxurious however the picky side of me hoped for a little more – however, product does gather at the pump which eventually creates a little bit of a mess and makes your product look dirty.


To break down my review I will talk about the foundation’s application, formula, pigmentation, colour, and longevity (in this order). For application the product applies smoothly and blends out seamlessly with a beauty blender, brush, and even your fingers. The foundation is really easy use and applies a lot like a serum; it does not streak or slide around and smooths onto the skin quite flawlessly. The formula sits between a ‘watery’ foundation and liquid foundation – so for comparison it sits between the YSL fusion ink foundation and the Nars sheer glow which are both my all time favourites. This makes the formula extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear while still maintaining a slight dewy finish. With this said the pigmentation is definitely on the sheer and light – medium side so it acts a lot like a boost for your skin to help it look ‘naturally flawless’.  It will even out your skin tone but will not cover darker spots like acne or dark circles. This makes this foundation great for day to day use however; I would opt for a heavier coverage foundation if you are going for an event and want that higher coverage. For the colour selection the shade I choose turned out to be perfect for my skin’s yellow undertone. The selection is good but – not as extensive as Make Up For Ever. Just a heads up, do go into a store and swatch the foundations as I noticed the photos online are not very accurate but the descriptions are good. Lastly, the foundation (if set with powder) lasts great throughout my commute and work day (~12 hrs) including walking through snowy and rainy weather. Even by the end of the day the foundation still feels great without being greasy or dry and that’s without any touch-ups (extra powder or setting spray) throughout the day. Overall, the product really did surprise me as I went in thinking the product cant be ALL THAT but I have tested it out through long hours and long walks in the snowfall and it seems to still look and feel great by the end of the day. The foundation formula did wow me and I have been using it on a daily basis however – its more of a day to day foundation and not an event kind of foundation (personally speaking). With all this said, for $68 I am hesitant to say I would repurchase the foundation in a heartbeat as that is quite a bit for a foundation. On the plus side a little goes a long way so we will see how long it takes me to get through the bottle and judge it’s price based on that.

– SL.

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INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base

INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base Review & Swatch

Price: $21.90 CAD (yesstyle.ca)
Size: 40 mL

While in Asia I made it a point to visit Innisfree – because Toronto does not have any locations yet. I managed to pick out a couple of skincare and makeup items and I thought it would be fitting to review their Mineral Moisture Fitting Base as it is winter right now and skin tends to be a little dryer. Continue reading “INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base”

BURBERRY – Cashmere Concealer

BURBERRY – Cashmere Concealer (Ivory) Review & Swatch

Price: $42 CAD
Size: 0.08 oz
Shade: Ivory (No. 00)

Burberry came out with a lot of beauty product recently and I picked up this one after hearing great things. It has become a staple in the routine and here is my review.


The concealer comes in a tan colour and textured box which is quite unique. And the concealer itself comes in a plastic grey tube with a felt tip applicator that allows you to apply the product in an even amount. The applicator has a twist backing which controls the amount- to keep you from using too much (since it is not a cheap product – could also save you some money). Personally, I felt like the concealer did not come with a lot of product so the twist backing helps reduce displacing too much. Overall, the packaging is great however, for a $42 concealer I do expect a little more of a luxurious touch – otherwise the packaging looks pretty and functions well. Not to mention travel friendly too.


The concealer comes in a couple of shades, and I found that the Ivory shade worked well for my yellow under toned skin (unlike many other brands). The concealer has a light to medium coverage that is buildable and is thin and weightless on the skin. I do not recommend this concealer if you are looking for a high coverage concealer as you will waste a lot trying too achieve what you want (not worth the money in that case). The concealer acts a lot like a light boost to the skin to freshen out the appearance under your eyes. The concealer does not crease (especially when set with powder) and wears well throughout the day, in addition the formula is lightweight and wears comfortably. Overall, the concealer works well to brighten and cover my undereye area while still being lightweight and natural looking. I would definitely, recommend this concealer if only the price tag was a little lower, especially since you only get a small amount of product.

– SL.


DSC_0293 (2).JPG
LIPSENSE – Bella Lip Kit Review & Swatch

Price: $55 USD (KIT) $20 USD(gloss) $25 USD(colour)
Size: n/a
Shade: Bella

An extremely kind and sweet distributor from Lip Sense (MaryJo) sent me a kit to try and here is my review on the unique product. The lipstick claims to be an extremely long wearing lipstick that includes an exfoliating function in the formula. Continue reading “LIPSENSE – BELLA LIP KIT”