anastasia beverly hills - liquid lipsticks complete.jpg
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatch (Pure Hollywood & Crush)

Price: $26 CAD
Size: 0.11 oz
Shade: Pure Hollywood & Crush

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for its amazing brow products – however they recently came out (in Canada..) with liquid lipsticks so I grabbed a couple to try.  Continue reading “ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Liquid Lipstick”


tarte - tarteist lip paint tbt complete

Price: $24
Size: 0.20 oz
Shade: Tbt

This product is relatively new and has been receiving mixed reviews so here is my experience with the product.


The ‘lip paint’ comes in a solid and thick plastic tube with a cap that does slightly click into place. The applicator is a little different from others on the market it is more of a straight footed applicator on a slight slant, that was designed to make application smoother and easier. The wand definitely helped a lot when applying the product close to the edge of your lips. Looks wise the packaging is clean and simple with the name in gold print – which is a nice touch. Overall, I do like the packaging and nothing really bothered me about it.


I found that this ‘liquid lipstick’ was a little different, as it has a mousse like texture and took a while to set. I personally liked the smooth velvety consistency it had and found that the product was very opaque; this minimized the amount of layers needed for one application. The consistency also made the application even, quick, and easy which is always a plus. However, the setting time was a little longer than I would like for a product that is marketed as a matte liquid lipstick. The long setting time also meant that it was prone to smudging or transferring. When the product did finally set I found that it started to quickly dry out my lips and it would start to slowly flake off. So longevity wise it would not be the best product to choose however colour pay off and selection is great. Overall, I would say that the product is great for photos and quick application instead of a makeup look that you will be wearing all day long.


On the Sephora website it is described as a mauve shade but I find that it runs more on the rosier side. Tarte also has lip liners that kind of correspond with the shades and I purchased lightest liner (boho) to down play the deepness in TBT for a more day time look.



– SL.

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kat von d - everlasting liquid lipstick bownarrow complete.jpgPrice: $24 CAD
Size: 0.22 oz
Shade: Bow and Arrow

So there has been a lot of hype surrounding this product, specifically in this shade – so I decided to hunt it down to see for myself if the hype was worth it. I managed to track this product down by checking the Sephora site multiple times a week and looking at which stores had it in stock. Once the location close to me was listed I quickly called and requested that it be put on hold for me. SO GOOD LUCK if you are still on the hunt – but that is how I managed to grab it!


Liquid lipsticks are often misunderstood as many think they are more like a stain – however that is not the case. Liquid lipsticks simply put are matte/glossy lipsticks in a liquid form. The pigment, like a lipstick sits on the top instead of soaking into the skin like a stain. Personally, I prefer liquid lipsticks for multiple reasons – first, would be its thinner consistency making application and blending/spreading the product easier in comparison to a regular lipstick. This helps to make your look more natural and effortless – many lipsticks often come off looking ‘cakey’ (not the best word to describe it), thick, or overdone. Second, would be its lower opacity – which gives a little more versatility to the product as I can apply less to create a subtle look or build it up to create a bolder look. Third, is its longevity, I find that when I use liquid lipsticks they last longer than my regular lipsticks. I do not find myself reapplying multiple times throughout the day – usually only once after a meal. Last, would be how weightless it feels on my lips – I often forget that I am wearing lipstick when I use a liquid lipsticks. Overall, I would definitely recommend that you try liquid lipsticks if you tend to dislike the consistency of a lipstick or if you are new to matte lipsticks or even lipsticks in general. Side note – if you have very dry lips you may find matte liquid lipsticks a little drying so do make sure your lips are hydrated before your application.


For the packaging I appreciate the longer and slimmer style that Kat Von D has chosen because it sits nicely in the glass cups I store them in (shorter products tend to be hard to reach). The look is much like the rest of brand which would be the iconic tattoo-esc print that surprisingly does not look tacky or cheapen the look of the product. Otherwise there is not much more to talk about regarding the packaging as its relatively basic with a plastic tube and doe footed applicator.


To begin I would say that out of all the liquid lipsticks I have tried in the past – I would say this scores high on the favourite list. The formula dries matte while still maintaining slight flexibility which prevents the product from cracking and peeling as you may find might happen with other ones on the market. As someone with dry lips I found that it did not dry out my lips as much as other matte lipsticks that I have tried. The product applies cleanly and smoothly making application quick and simple. It also does not dry too quickly giving you time to blend and move product around if needed. The lipstick is light weight and you barely feel it when applied making it very comfortable to wear. Overall, if you are looking to try a liquid lipstick I would recommend this one for its flexibility and longevity. I found that because it was bendable it was able to last a lot longer as it was not cracking or peeling off throughout the day. On average I found myself reapply only once or twice throughout the day (usually following a meal).

COLOUR: Bow and Arrow

I only managed to get my hands on Bow and Arrow – so for now I will only talk about this colour (still on the hunt for Requiem). Bow and Arrow is described as a ‘fawn nude’ on the Sephora website. I would describe the shade as deep rosy taupe colour. I found that the shade ends up looking different on different people. For some it looked more on the brown side and for others I found that it looked rosier. If you find that you do not like how the colour is looking on your lips you may want to try putting a bit of foundation over your lips to neutralize the tone before applying it. Overall, I found that it looked and photographed great with my light-yellow under toned skin and in my opinion was worth the slight hassle and money.

**for a photo of the lipstick on – I have posted a photo to my instagram page so do check that out . **

– SL.


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SEPHORA – Holiday Shopping Event [20% off] HAUL

sephora 20off haul

For those who are Sephora VIB members – do not forget to take advantage of the 20% off going on until tomorrow !
I have decided to put a haul of some of the items i picked up at the store today, since the trek to the closest Sephora took a lot of energy out of me.

Above are only a few of the items I purchased, since some are still coming in the mail. I will list what they are below and if you have a preference on what item you would like to see a review on leave a comment below :) I will try my best to do reviews on them all.

PRODUCTS| left to right
NARS- Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (shade: Damned)
SEPHORA- Pro Full Coverage Airbrush #53
YSL- Touche Eclat Radiant Touch (shade: 2.5 Luminous Vanilla)
ANASTASIA- Brow Wiz (shade: Soft Brown)
BENEFIT- Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’Blushes (contains: Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Watt’s Up!, Hoola, Coralista, Rock, brush)
BENEFIT- Gimme Brow (shade: light/medium)
TARTE- Clean Slate Poreless
TARTE- Skinny SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner (colour: Deep Amethyst)
HOURGLASS- 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner (colour: Obsidian/ black)
— not pictured —
URBAN DECAY- B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray
URBAN DECAY- Naked2 Basics
HOURGLASS- Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick (shade: Canvas)
TOO FACED- Better Than Sex Mascara (colour: Black)
ANASTASIA- Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced
ANASTASIA- Brow Gel (colour: Clear)
MAKE UP FOR EVER- HD Pressed Powder

Before there are any mean comments below about the amount I purchased- I would like to mention that I do make a list of items throughout the year that I save to purchase with the 20% off . Also these will hopefully last me the year or longer, and some of these items I do pick up for my mother but do try out first for review purposes.

Thanks for reading!
– SL.

KORRES – Lip Butter

korres lip butter complete

Price: $16.00
Size: 0.21 Oz
Shade: Jasmine

I personally like the look of the packaging but do not find it the most function-able. I liked that the packaging was clear and simple with a cap that matched the colour inside. This is especially useful when you have multiple shades and need to find the right one quickly. However, I am not fond of the fact that it is shaped taller instead of wider. This makes it difficult to retrieve product, especially because I have long nails. Another down side is that it is a pot which means product must be retrieved through putting your finger in which is not the most sanitary. I understand it is a lip butter and that it usually comes in a pot but I just wish there was a way to retrieve product without contaminating the rest of the product. Overall, my biggest complaint would be that the diameter is a little small and would make it hard to get product out when it got low. 

I really wanted this product to work well for me. It is described as a tinted lip balm that should provide me with moisturized supple lips. Unfortunately, I found that it was a little on the thick end and was not easy to spread smoothly. I used both my fingers and a lip brush (as recommend) to apply the product but still found it was not the easiest product to spread. Once I got it smoothed on to the besst of my ability I found that this particular shade had little to add to my original lip colour. Also I was not particularly fond of the feeling of the product on my lips, it was not overtly sticky but was more or less a heavy layer of product sitting on my lips. I feel like this is why I found that it was not really deeply moisturizing and hydrating my lips, it was mainly preventing my lips from becoming dry on the top. Overall, I did not really enjoy this product the way I thought I would, especially because it was $16.00 which is a little more than my favourite lip balm. However, I did just purchase and try the one colour so the other shades may work better in general or for you. I initially bought it thinking it would be great due to its claim to use natural oils but the shea butter and rice wax may have made it a thicker consistency (leading to my difficulty to smooth out). 

– SL. 

please do not be turned away from trying products I review negatively. I am simply telling you my experience with the product, but you my experience differently as we all have different skin type sand preferences.