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LIPSENSE – Bella Lip Kit Review & Swatch

Price: $55 USD (KIT) $20 USD(gloss) $25 USD(colour)
Size: n/a
Shade: Bella

An extremely kind and sweet distributor from Lip Sense (MaryJo) sent me a kit to try and here is my review on the unique product. The lipstick claims to be an extremely long wearing lipstick that includes an exfoliating function in the formula. Continue reading “LIPSENSE – BELLA LIP KIT”

URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick

URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick (Oblivion) Review & Swatch

Price: $21CAD
Size: 0.11 oz
Shade: Oblivion

Recently Urban Decay launched their new lipsticks called, Vice Lipsticks. The lipsticks come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. They included more natural and nude tones to more glam and unconventional tones. I personally only picked up 1 in the matte finish – so I will only review the one formula – but I will try to pick up a couple more so I can cover those as well. Continue reading “URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick”

BITE BEAUTY – Amuse Bouche Lipstick

BITE BEAUTY - amuse bouche thistle complete
BITE BEAUTY – Amuse Bouche Lipstick Review (Thistle)

Price: $30 CAD
Size: 0.15 oz
Shade: Thistle

Bite Beauty recently revamped their lipstick line and came out with the Amuse Bouche lipsticks. I only grabbed one shade from the collection so I picked Thistle which stood out to me. I initially hesitated on the shade, until I saw a friend of mine post a picture in it and thought it looked amazing on her so I grabbed one for myself. Continue reading “BITE BEAUTY – Amuse Bouche Lipstick”

THE ESTEE EDIT by ESTEE LAUDER – The Barest Contour Lip Liner

the estee edit - lip liner so bare complete.jpg
The Estee Edit – The Barest Contour Lip Liner Review & Swatch (So Bare)

Price: $24 CAD
Size: 0.009 oz
Shade: So Bare (004)

Estee Lauder recently came out with a sub-brand called The Estee Edit which markets to a the new social media filled world. With the face of Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim the brand carries an array of makeup and skin care products that appeals to a younger audience. Overall, this marketing move is definitely in my eyes a positive one, as it has convinced me to take a look at Estee Lauder products again. For the next little while I will review the products that I have tried from the brand so I hope you enjoy! Continue reading “THE ESTEE EDIT by ESTEE LAUDER – The Barest Contour Lip Liner”

TARTE – Grav3yardgirl Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint

tarte - grav3yardgirl texas toast lip paint complete
TARTE – Grav3yardgirl Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint (Texas Toast) Review & Swatch

Price: $24 CAD
Size: 0.20 oz
Shade: Texas Toast

Bunny aka grav3yardgirl did a collaboration with Tarte and they create a collection with a palette and 2 liquid lipsticks. I tried to be good this month so I only limited myself to 1 item from the collection and chose this liquid lipstick. Any swamp family members out there? Continue reading “TARTE – Grav3yardgirl Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint”


anastasia beverly hills - liquid lipsticks complete.jpg
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatch (Pure Hollywood & Crush)

Price: $26 CAD
Size: 0.11 oz
Shade: Pure Hollywood & Crush

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for its amazing brow products – however they recently came out (in Canada..) with liquid lipsticks so I grabbed a couple to try.  Continue reading “ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Liquid Lipstick”


tarte - tarteist lip paint tbt complete

Price: $24
Size: 0.20 oz
Shade: Tbt

This product is relatively new and has been receiving mixed reviews so here is my experience with the product.


The ‘lip paint’ comes in a solid and thick plastic tube with a cap that does slightly click into place. The applicator is a little different from others on the market it is more of a straight footed applicator on a slight slant, that was designed to make application smoother and easier. The wand definitely helped a lot when applying the product close to the edge of your lips. Looks wise the packaging is clean and simple with the name in gold print – which is a nice touch. Overall, I do like the packaging and nothing really bothered me about it.


I found that this ‘liquid lipstick’ was a little different, as it has a mousse like texture and took a while to set. I personally liked the smooth velvety consistency it had and found that the product was very opaque; this minimized the amount of layers needed for one application. The consistency also made the application even, quick, and easy which is always a plus. However, the setting time was a little longer than I would like for a product that is marketed as a matte liquid lipstick. The long setting time also meant that it was prone to smudging or transferring. When the product did finally set I found that it started to quickly dry out my lips and it would start to slowly flake off. So longevity wise it would not be the best product to choose however colour pay off and selection is great. Overall, I would say that the product is great for photos and quick application instead of a makeup look that you will be wearing all day long.


On the Sephora website it is described as a mauve shade but I find that it runs more on the rosier side. Tarte also has lip liners that kind of correspond with the shades and I purchased lightest liner (boho) to down play the deepness in TBT for a more day time look.



– SL.

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