LAURA MERCIER – Secret Brightening Powder

LAURA MERCIER – Secret Brightening Powder Review & Swatch

Price: $30 CAD
Size: 0.14 oz

Laura Mercier has a couple of powders that are quite popular across different social media platforms; so I chose the brightening one because it kind of stood out among other powders. It is commonly used under the eyes to brighten out the skin tones, especially if you have dark circles or fine lines. Continue reading “LAURA MERCIER – Secret Brightening Powder”


INNISFREE – No-Sebum Mineral Powder

innisfree - no sebum mineral powder complete
INNISFREE – No Sebum Mineral Powder Review & Swatch

Price: $9.36 CAD
Size: 5 g

Innisfree is a popular Korean brand and one of their most popular products is this mineral powder. They have 2 types of setting powder: the first is a blur powder which has a tint and the second is this mineral powder which is translucent. Both are available in loose and pressed formulas, but today’s review will only be on the No Sebum Mineral Powder in the loose powder version. Continue reading “INNISFREE – No-Sebum Mineral Powder”

HOURGLASS – Ambient Lighting Palette

hourglass - ambient palette complete.jpg
HOURGLASS – Ambient Lighting Palette Review & Swatches


Price: $70 CAD
Size: 0.116 oz/shade
Includes Shade: Dim Light, Incandescent Light, & Radiant Light

Continuing with the highlighter series I decided to pull this palette out to do a review. When I first started to blog I already wrote a review on this product but in the single version so here’s an ‘updated’ review and my thoughts on the extra shades.


In classic Hourglass fashion the packaging is very luxurious looking and feeling. The palette comes in pretty much the same style of packaging as the single powders with the reflective finished plastic. The closure and material are sturdy and solid making it travel friendly- and like last time I have personally travelled with this palette and have had no issues with it breaking or opening. The clasp clicks into place and is easy to open. Overall, the packaging looks great and feels great, in addition it also is travel friendly with a decent mirror on the inside.


This palette consists of 3 shades which I will review individually below. The powders are very soft and fine allowing them to apply smoothly and blend easily. The texture is amazing and feels barely there which is perfect for anyone who dislikes using powder. Also as I mentioned before, highlighters will either help you hide imperfections or it could bring out imperfections in the skin (so use them carefully) – I found that this highlighter did not do that as much in comparison to others. This makes it a great introductory highlighter to try, especially because the powders also give a very natural glow to the skin helping it look fresh and healthy. Finally, the powders wear very well comfortably throughout the day and lasted me a full day at work with little fading. Overall, yes the powders are on the higher end but the texture and quality are worth it. Also I found myself using very little and have had the product for almost over a year now and have barely made a dent so it will definitely last you a while.

SHADES (left to right)

First is Dim Light which is the shade I reviewed last time. It is a neutral peach beige which blends well into my yellow toned skin. For this shade it depends on your skin tone as it works best for a medium to dark skin tone – it looks extremely subtle and gives you a naturally light highlight. Unfortunately, if you are on the lighter end it may come of a little dark for your skin and I would not recommend you to use it as a highlight – maybe more as a setting powder. This shade is also a little hard to describe look wise but I would say it looks like a mix of a shimmer and matte kind of powder but does not come off chalky. There are no glitters so a plus for those who do not like glitter particles in their products. Lastly, the product gives more of a blurring effect than a light bouncing highlighting effect.


Second is Incandescent Light which is unfortunately exclusive to the palette so it is not available in the single format. This shade is the lightest in the palette and is the shade that looks the most like a traditional highlighting powder. This shade looks white based in the pan but is more of a pale champagne tone which helps to blend seamlessly into your skin. It is a shimmer power with a light amount of glitter particles (nothing too overwhelming). However, because it has a champagne tone the highlighter may not work well for extremely fair skin types unless you prefer a warm highlight. On the plus side it worked well to reflect light in areas that I wanted to hide (dark under eyes) in photos. Finally, this shade works well for my skin tone as a highlighter but may not work out well for cooler skin tones and extremely fair skin types.


Last shade in the palette is Radiant Light which is a golden beige toned highlighter. This shade is a lot like a glowy bronzer instead of a highlighter. Like the Incandescent Light it is a shimmer and glitter formula that is also not too overwhelming. It is great for achieving a sun kissed look especially for the summer time. Personally, I found myself using this shade the least out of the 3 as the other 2 looked best for my skin tone (both during my pale and tanned seasons). This shade also runs a little on the orange side so it makes it a little difficult to work with. Overall, it is still a beautiful shade but sits a little too much on the orange end for my light-medium skin tone – however it will give you a beautiful finish to a bronzed look.


This palette is a little on the pricey end however, if the shades all suite your skin tone and work well with the looks you are trying to achieve (natural glowy looks) then I would recommend it as quality and quantity are both decent . However, because the palette runs on the warmer and deeper side it is mainly best for medium to dark skin tones – as they may come off a little muddy looking on lighter skin tones. On the plus side if all the shades work for you it is a palette worth investing in as it will last you a while and above all give your skin an amazingly natural and healthy glow.

– SL.

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HOURGLASS – Ambient Lighting Powder


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder
Price: $52 CAD (Sephora)
Formulated without: Parabens
Size: 0.35 Oz
Shade: Dim Light

To start off, this packaging is beautifully made and looks very luxurious. I have had it for a while now and it has held up very well, I see no scratches and no sign of loosening in the hinges, clasp, or closure. I have also accidentally dropped mine and it did not even scratch or shatter the product. Though it is a steep price, they did give their best and it really shows through their packaging. This compact is definitely divine and one of my favourites

I opted for Dim Light which is neutral beige-peach since I wanted a subtle highlight that would blend in well into my skin tone. The point of this powder is to provide a balance between warm and cool tones in order to blur imperfections like dark circles. I apply this powder over my dark circles to deflect light in the area so that the dark appearance is less obvious. I do not like too much shimmer, so this was perfect for me as it provides more of a luminescence from within. The Dim Light is a great for those looking for light highlight that looks great in photos. If you are looking for a stronger highlight then this is not the option for you, but you should try the Ethereal Light powder.

Love the powder! The Ambient Lighting Powders are created with such fine powders; they do not give off the powdered look when on the face. It feels light on the skin and does not suffocate my pores. This powder gives me an even complexion and it takes the focus away from my imperfections. In my opinion, though it was not a cheap product, they really are worth it! Also, because of the fine powder you do not require much to get the result you want. I have used this product everyday on my under eye area, and it does not even look like I put a dent into it. This powder will definitely last me a while. This is not so much a splurge product but a product to invest in. As for longevity, I have noticed that it lasts the full day, obviously it does not look as newly applied by the end of the day, but it definitely is still there.

I love the ambient lighting line and love my Dim Light powder! It has become one of my essential products for my everyday makeup. Though it was a little expensive it is worth it, because of its high quality product and packaging. I really recommend this product if you find the perfect amount of luminescence for you. Lastly, do not worry if you have sensitive skin, my mother (she has very sensitive skin) has tried this multiple times and has not found any irritation, this powder is not like any other highlighting powder which shimmers usually irritate sensitive skin types.

– SL.