MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector

marc jacobs - covert stick bright now complete
MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector Review & Swatch

Price: $52 CAD
Size: 0.56 oz
Shade: Bright Now


The color corrector comes in an interesting packaging, it reminds me of deodorant packaging. It is a white hard plastic, palm size stick with a swivel on the bottom that pushes the product up. The cap lightly clicks into place, but the extremely smooth surface makes it a little hard to remove the cap. I recommend holding onto the black swivel and pulling on the top while applying slight pressure. The swivel works smoothly and I have not had any complications. Lastly, the size and shape makes this colour correct a little less travel friendly than others. Overall, the look and feel of the packaging is amazing, besides the minor struggle when removing the cap, the packaging is unique and keeps the product safe.


This colour corrector is a little different from others on the market. First, would be its skinny oval shape which works great for going over high points on the cheek. However, it makes reaching and targeting smaller areas a little more difficult as it is a little awkward to work with. Second, would be its texture/consistency, which is cream but also a powder. When you apply it to the skin it smoothes on like a cream, however when you use your fingers to blend it out it feels like a powder to the touch. This creamy powder texture makes the product feather light and blends easily into the skin. The texture also does not crease like creamy products would, which minimize the need to set the product with powder. As for pigmentation the product has light to medium pay off. The products are also a ‘hybrid’ style corrector which means that they have combined 2 types of correctors into one product. So they go as follows

            Bright Now: pink and lilac = dullness & dark circles

            Co(vert) Affairs: citron and lime = redness

            Getting Warmer: peach and caramel = hyperpigmentation

Overall, the texture is the highlight of this product as it is a creamy powder that does not require setting powder. It blends and smooths onto the skin effortlessly and provides your skin with a light and natural correction. It lasts a good majority of the day and is weightless on the skin all while avoiding seeping into fine lines. On the down side because it is a stick like format it makes delivering the product to spot correct a little difficult without a brush. It is more of a medium to large area colour corrector. These things aside it is a fairly easy product to use and would be a great introductory product to color correction.



This shade is a combination of pinks and purples which work great to combat dullness in the skin. Its pigmentation is light which works to give you a natural brightening effect. This unfortunately was not strong enough to combat my dark circles however, it worked great on points I wanted to bring out, like the high points of my face (ex. cheeks and forehead).

– SL.

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SMASHBOX – Color Correcting Stick

smashbox - colour correcting stick complete
SMASHBOX – Colour Correcting Stick (Get Less Red) Review & Swatch

Price: $27 CAD
Size: 0.12 oz
Shade: Get Less Red (Green)


The product comes in a sleek plastic ‘pencil’ form which makes storing and travel easy. The plastic material is also a plus because sharpening tends to become messy with wood like material, this way the sharpening scraps come off cleanly and in one piece. The product also includes an appropriately size sharpener, which works great. Overall, the packaging is simple and clean, stores easily and sharpens cleanly.


The colour corrector is a creamy formula that glides extremely smoothly onto the skin. It also applies the perfect amount onto the skin; a light thin layer that is buildable and light weight. As for pigmentation the product is highly pigmented and requires little to no effort to make a difference on red areas. The creamy formula blends well into the skin and your foundation however it does not set as quickly as I would wish. This does allow the product to move around if not set by powder. However, when it is fully blended out it does turn into a slight powdery texture which gives the product its smooth feel. Unfortunately, because of its stick formula I would only recommend this product to be used as a spot corrector (acne spots or around the nose) and not a corrector for larger areas. Overall, this product is great for spot correction as it is easy to apply and blends into the skin smoothly. However, it does need to be set with powder if you do not want the product to slip and slide around.

– SL.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER – Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer

makeupforever - step 1 primer blue complete
MAKE UP FOR EVER – Step 1 Skin Equalizer (Radiant Blue) Primer Swatch & Review

Price: $45 CAD
Size: 1.0 Oz
Shade: Radiant Primer Blue


The packaging for all the Step 1 primers are similar, they come in a plastic, matte finish tub with a pointed ‘spout’ and an extremely small opening. The small opening causes a little trouble when there is an air bubble on the inside – as it will spit out product as you squeeze. Besides this the overall packaging is practical and comes in a great size, convenient for travelling and is a good size.

PRODUCT (Radiant Blue)

This product is a colour correcting primer which works to brighten the skin tone. The consistency is similar to a watery lotion which helps it blend into the skin effortlessly. It feels silky smooth and extremely light weight on the skin. Pigmentation wise it is on the sheer side – so it is great for a subtle brightening affect on light skin tones. This means that use for all over the face is doable but if a heavier correction is desired this may not be the product for you. It works well as a quick brightening pick me up for your skin tone, especially on the high points of the face. Overall, the texture of the product is amazing – it feels weightless and sets to a matte finish helping you avoid any creasing. The pigmentation is on the sheer end; therefore it is geared for a light colour correct effect.  Though it is marketed as a ‘primer’ I would still recommend you to use an overall primer after this product to create a tackier surface for your makeup to stick to. The price point is on the higher end – luckily a little goes a long way and will last you a bit if you use it sparingly.

– SL.

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SEPHORA COLLECTION- Bright Future Color Correctors

sephora-colour corrector complete
SEPHORA COLLECTION – Bright Future Color Correction Review & Swatch (Peach)

Price: $18 CAD
Size: 0.14 oz
Shade: Peach (4)


The packaging is a relatively basic hard plastic tube with a rounded felt tip. The mouth of the tube has a piece that helps to scrape off excess that unfortunately takes off pretty much all the product off the sides making application difficult. A doe footed applicator would have made it a little easier but that would be the only con for packaging. The size is relatively travel friendly and because it is a affordable product I do not have to worry about it as much when I throw it into my makeup bag. Overall, the packaging is great and decent for the price however, the rounded applicator and scraper makes it a little hard to apply.


The Bright Future Color Corrector is a gel like formula that feels light weight but still has a surprising amount of pigmentation. The product is buildable and blends easily with a beauty blender or your fingers (not so much with a brush). The down side is the slightly odd smell that it has, luckily it is unnoticeable when applied to the face. As for longevity the product lasts the day and does not sink into my fine lines when I set the product with powder. Overall, the product does what I need it to do and comes with a nice price, it blends decently well and helps to correct the dark circles under my eyes. Unfortunately, it does have a little of an odd smell and does not do extra to brighten out the area as it claims to – but I am still pretty pleased with the product.


The peach tone was alright for my blue-ish purple dark circles but I do wish it did a little bit more to brighten out my under eye area. However, it helps to conceal the darkness and has lessened the amount of concealer I need to use.

– SL.

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HOW S.L. DOES: Colour Correction

I have decided to start a new series called ‘HOW S.L. DOES’ where I talk about different makeup trends like colour correction.

To begin the series I decided to break down colour correction before I start to review different colour correction products. In this post I will talk about: why we colour correct, what colours to pick, and what formula to choose.

chart 1


To start off colour correction makeup is based off the colour wheel (pictured above). The idea is that if you want to neutralize a certain colour you use the colour on the opposite side to do so. For example if you have purple tones (usually found in dark circles) you will apply a peach tone to neutralize. Neutralizing the tone will allow you to use less product (ie. concealer) to cover up any imperfections.


chart 2


Dark circles/spots usually have a purple-blue tone so according to the colour wheel peach/pink is the best for neutralizing the colour. Following the chart I made above it basically means that:

Light skin tone = pink colour corrector

Medium skin tone = peach colour corrector

Dark skin tone = orange colour correct

However, the chart above is a general guideline as everyone’s skin is different – therefore if you find that you have light skin and your under eye area comes off PURPLE opt for a PEACH colour corrector and so on. The most important thing to do is to evaluated your own under eye area and determine what tone it is. A good trick I like to use for figuring out my skin’s imperfections is taking a picture of your face without makeup (preferably with an actual camera because colour is not as detailed on a phone) and evaluate from there.

chart 3


Redness is often found in acne spots, on the cheeks, and around the nose. The different types of ‘redness’ are generally split into two categories shown above – intense redness and mild redness. So colour correction would go as follows:

Intense redness (acne spots) = green colour corrector

Mild redness (irritation) = yellow colour corrector

The lighter the redness the lighter green and more yellow tone would be what you need. Therefore the deeper the redness the darker the green tone will need to be.

chart 4


Dullness or sallowness is the category that is a little more confusing – it mainly refers to unwanted yellow or grey tones in the skin that make the skin appear ‘flat’ or ‘unhealthy’ sometimes even referred to as ‘unlively’. Therefore, the colour correctors will work to brighten the skin allowing it to look luminous and healthier. So following the chart:

Light skin tones = pink – light purple colour correctors

Medium skin tones = purple – blue colour correctors

Above I have only listed Light and Medium as dullness is rarely seen in darker skin tones.


After you pick which colours are best for your individual concerns you now have to pick the formula and consistency of the product. Like other products colour correctors also come in different formulas and it is best to choose the formula that would work best for your concern. I personally go by the list below:

liquid/powder = full face concerns (ex. all over dullness)

cream/gel = sections of the face (ex. redness in the cheeks)

stick/pencil = spot correction (ex. acne spots)

The thinner the formula – the easier it is to spread over the skin and the pigmentation of the colour corrector is lighter allowing to be look more natural. Creams on the other hand have a little more pigmentation but the product is easier to control and maintain in the desired area. Lastly, stick or pencil products are best for spot correction and allow you to concentrate the product on a small area without spreading it all over the place.

– SL.

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