TARTE – Tartelette in Bloom

tarte - tartelette in bloom complete

Price: $54 CAD
Size: 0.053 Oz x 12

This palette has been out for a bit now – and I have played with it since. I wanted to use them for a while before doing a proper review on it – so here we go. Continue reading “TARTE – Tartelette in Bloom”

HOW S.L. DOES: Colour Correction

I have decided to start a new series called ‘HOW S.L. DOES’ where I talk about different makeup trends like colour correction.

To begin the series I decided to break down colour correction before I start to review different colour correction products. In this post I will talk about: why we colour correct, what colours to pick, and what formula to choose.

chart 1


To start off colour correction makeup is based off the colour wheel (pictured above). The idea is that if you want to neutralize a certain colour you use the colour on the opposite side to do so. For example if you have purple tones (usually found in dark circles) you will apply a peach tone to neutralize. Neutralizing the tone will allow you to use less product (ie. concealer) to cover up any imperfections.


chart 2


Dark circles/spots usually have a purple-blue tone so according to the colour wheel peach/pink is the best for neutralizing the colour. Following the chart I made above it basically means that:

Light skin tone = pink colour corrector

Medium skin tone = peach colour corrector

Dark skin tone = orange colour correct

However, the chart above is a general guideline as everyone’s skin is different – therefore if you find that you have light skin and your under eye area comes off PURPLE opt for a PEACH colour corrector and so on. The most important thing to do is to evaluated your own under eye area and determine what tone it is. A good trick I like to use for figuring out my skin’s imperfections is taking a picture of your face without makeup (preferably with an actual camera because colour is not as detailed on a phone) and evaluate from there.

chart 3


Redness is often found in acne spots, on the cheeks, and around the nose. The different types of ‘redness’ are generally split into two categories shown above – intense redness and mild redness. So colour correction would go as follows:

Intense redness (acne spots) = green colour corrector

Mild redness (irritation) = yellow colour corrector

The lighter the redness the lighter green and more yellow tone would be what you need. Therefore the deeper the redness the darker the green tone will need to be.

chart 4


Dullness or sallowness is the category that is a little more confusing – it mainly refers to unwanted yellow or grey tones in the skin that make the skin appear ‘flat’ or ‘unhealthy’ sometimes even referred to as ‘unlively’. Therefore, the colour correctors will work to brighten the skin allowing it to look luminous and healthier. So following the chart:

Light skin tones = pink – light purple colour correctors

Medium skin tones = purple – blue colour correctors

Above I have only listed Light and Medium as dullness is rarely seen in darker skin tones.


After you pick which colours are best for your individual concerns you now have to pick the formula and consistency of the product. Like other products colour correctors also come in different formulas and it is best to choose the formula that would work best for your concern. I personally go by the list below:

liquid/powder = full face concerns (ex. all over dullness)

cream/gel = sections of the face (ex. redness in the cheeks)

stick/pencil = spot correction (ex. acne spots)

The thinner the formula – the easier it is to spread over the skin and the pigmentation of the colour corrector is lighter allowing to be look more natural. Creams on the other hand have a little more pigmentation but the product is easier to control and maintain in the desired area. Lastly, stick or pencil products are best for spot correction and allow you to concentrate the product on a small area without spreading it all over the place.

– SL.

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URBAN DECAY – Naked Basics Palette & Naked 2 Basics Palette

urban decay - naked basic complete
urban decay - naked basics 2 complete

Price: $34.00 CAD (per palette)
Size: 6 – 0.05 oz (per palette)

Both have practically the same exact packaging – plastic, matte brown palette with a mirror and 6 shades inside. The size is perfect for travelling since it is about 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall with only a thickness of about ½ and inch. I took the first palette on my month long Asia trip this past summer and there are no signs of wear or tear. The shadows were well protected and nothing broke or shattered inside which is a plus. It also comes with a good closure that clicks into place so you know it closed for sure – unlike the magnetic closer of the original naked palette. Overall I am quite please with the sturdy structure and sleek look of the Naked Basics palettes and would highly recommend them for travel, due to its durability.

Both palettes come with a total of 6 eye shadows – 5 matte and 1 shimmer (highlight). All possess the buttery and silky texture Urban Decay is well known for – however I did find that they were not quite as opaque as the original Naked palette’s shimmer shades. On a grand the scale the shadows provided a smooth application that is velvety and blend-able. The longevity is acceptable if you are not spending a few hours walking around in the hot sun and sweating tons – otherwise it does last all day especially if you use a primer before application. In summary, they are very similar to each other and I would not say that you would really need to have both of the Naked Basics palettes. I would suggest choosing the one that fits your skin tone and eye colour the best and go with that one.

Naked Basics Palette

Venus (shimmer): this is the ‘highlight’ shade with fine glitter – nothing too overwhelming or glittery. It is beige in tone when in the pan but gives off an off-white tone when applied. I usually apply it to the inner corners of my eyes or at my brow bone
Foxy: in the pan this colour looks tan however when applied it gives off a skin tone colour with yellow undertones
W.O.S: this shade is a lot like Foxy however it possess a pink undertone but the difference is very subtle
Naked 2: this shade is a very subtle and light taupe – however I found it sometimes looks ‘chalky’ on my lids. I often find myself using this as a subtle wash of colour on my lids for a quick look
Faint: This looks like a dark brown shade with a warm undertone. It is great for contouring the lids and is one of the more opaque shadows in the palette.
Crave: this is the darkest shade in the palette however I had hopes to use it as a liner but the opacity was not as strong as I wished. Luckily this shade is buildable so an opaque line is possible.

Overall, I found that these colours were sufficient enough for me to create casual and more formal looks when I was on vacation. I do wish that the darker shades were a little more opaque but besides that I was rather pleased with the palette since I am able to use all the shades unlike the original Naked palette.

Naked 2 Basics Palette

Skimp (shimmer): in this palette this is the highlighter shade provided, it has a pink tone and I find that this one is more opaque and finer than the Venus (Naked Basics)
Stark: this is a very pale pink that sometimes comes off a little chalky on my skin tone
Frisk: like the W.O.S (Naked Basics) this is a taupe colour however it is a little deeper in tone and leans on the grey side.
Cover: this is like a darker chocolate brown with a warm tone and has the opacity Urban Decay is known for
Primal: this shade is a lot like a black brown that leans closer to the brown side. I find this is great for a smokey eye as it is not as harsh as a black but still gives the depth you want
Undone: is a subtle black with a mix of brown which is a little like a darker version of Primal – making this also great for the night out look

Overall, I personally feel that the Naked 2 Basics palette was more on par with the original Naked palette – opacity wise. However, this palette consists of more darker shades which may or may not be useful if a majority of your looks are casual and natural looking. I personally like the darker shades of this palette over the ones found in the Naked Basics but I like the lighter shades in the Naked Basics over the ones in this palette (highlight shade not included).

In summary, I would say both palettes are great and affordable for the quality. On the plus side – I would not say that one would require both in their collection (which saves you some money). With these palettes it is a matter of whether you use more of the darker shades than the lighter ones or lighter ones more than the darker ones. Also, a large majority of these shades a matte and would not be great for you if you like shimmer shades.

– SL.

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Eyeliners I Purchased in Asia

I purchased a few eyeliners in Asia, as I often feel that their makeup brands do a great job with their eye products because of a higher demand. Their makeup must also withstand the test of heat and humidity along with longevity. I took a few months to test them out and here are my thoughts:

dollywink liquid eyeliner brown complete
Price: $19.60 CAD (sasa online)
Shade: brown
Applicator: brush tip

The first eyeliner is a brown liquid liner from Dollywink, a Japanese brand known for its eye products. I opted for a brown liner because I wanted to try a more subtle line for my everyday look. As for packaging it has a brown cap to correspond to the colour inside and a brush tip. There is no pump or knob to turn as the product comes out on its own, at a reasonable amount of course. Also the cap easily clicks into place to let you know you have closed it properly. Overall, I personally have not experienced any fraying of the brush tip so I am still quite pleased with the packaging as a whole. As for the product I find it comes out smoothly and consistently without break in the line. However, since the product is brown if more pressure is applied at a certain spot there will be a bit of a darker tone but nothing significant. The product sets relatively quickly which I am pleased with and intensity of the colour or line can be built up without gathering the product into a clump. On the down side I did find that it was not really waterproof as the line would disappear in the more watery sections of my eye namely the inner and outer corners. Above all it applies smoothly and easily creating a clean and subtle look which I would recommend for those looking for an easy eyeliner to use that is not waterproof and easy to wash off.

dollywink liquid eyeliner black complete
Price: N/A (I purchased it as a set with a mascara and could not located it online, sorry!)
Shade: black
Applicator: brush tip

I am not sure if this is from a different collection in comparison to the one from above as I purchased it as a set with a mascara and could not find it alone online. For this eyeliner the packaging is quite similar, minus the corresponding cap colour to the product inside. This liner is also a brush tip, however I have experienced a bit of fraying on this brush but it was easily fixed and works fine now. As for product the colour is not quite as opaque as the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner, but intensity is buildable. I do like how it sets a lot faster therefore avoiding mishaps from blinking or opening my eyes too quickly and creating a double line on my eyelid. I found with this liner was a little bit more water resistant, but I would still not call it waterproof. Overall, I do like this product for everyday use as it creates a skip free line that is quick and easy to create.

La rosa de versailles liquid eyeliner complete
Price: $17.64 (amazon.ca)
Shade: black
Applicator: brush tip

Once again I purchased this as a set with a mascara and was unable to find that set online so the price is not the same as the price I purchased it at. The packaging for this eyeliner has a sleeker look with a princess effect in comparison to the cutesy Dollywink packaging. Just like the two above it was a pen type eyeliner with product dispensing on its own. The applicator is a brush tip that was slightly longer in length in comparison to the Dollywink eyeliner and personally I did not experience any fraying or separating of the hairs. Do not quote me on this but the brush tip feel a little more synthetic which maybe could lead to less fraying but I am not 100% sure (this is just my guess). As for the product I found the colour possess a good level of opacity, with slightly buildable intensity. Like the ones above this eyeliner set relatively quickly and smoothly.  However, because its slightly longer length in the brush tip I found it to not move and bend as smoothly like the ones above – so if you tend have rounded eyes or have difficulty with lining the inner corners you may not like this product. With that in mind it is not hard to apply so do not be scared. Overall, out of the 3 this is my favourite as the opacity and application is smooth, in combination with better longevity and slightly better water-resistance.

**once again these are my opinions from my own experience – your eyes may be different from mine so of course use your own discretion.

– SL.

**like always links to where to purchase the product are provided – simply click on the photo of the product :)

SEPHORA – Holiday Shopping Event [20% off] HAUL

sephora 20off haul

For those who are Sephora VIB members – do not forget to take advantage of the 20% off going on until tomorrow !
I have decided to put a haul of some of the items i picked up at the store today, since the trek to the closest Sephora took a lot of energy out of me.

Above are only a few of the items I purchased, since some are still coming in the mail. I will list what they are below and if you have a preference on what item you would like to see a review on leave a comment below :) I will try my best to do reviews on them all.

PRODUCTS| left to right
NARS- Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (shade: Damned)
SEPHORA- Pro Full Coverage Airbrush #53
YSL- Touche Eclat Radiant Touch (shade: 2.5 Luminous Vanilla)
ANASTASIA- Brow Wiz (shade: Soft Brown)
BENEFIT- Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’Blushes (contains: Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Watt’s Up!, Hoola, Coralista, Rock, brush)
BENEFIT- Gimme Brow (shade: light/medium)
TARTE- Clean Slate Poreless
TARTE- Skinny SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner (colour: Deep Amethyst)
HOURGLASS- 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner (colour: Obsidian/ black)
— not pictured —
URBAN DECAY- B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray
URBAN DECAY- Naked2 Basics
HOURGLASS- Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick (shade: Canvas)
TOO FACED- Better Than Sex Mascara (colour: Black)
ANASTASIA- Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced
ANASTASIA- Brow Gel (colour: Clear)
MAKE UP FOR EVER- HD Pressed Powder

Before there are any mean comments below about the amount I purchased- I would like to mention that I do make a list of items throughout the year that I save to purchase with the 20% off . Also these will hopefully last me the year or longer, and some of these items I do pick up for my mother but do try out first for review purposes.

Thanks for reading!
– SL.