INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base

INNISFREE – Mineral Moisture Fitting Base Review & Swatch

Price: $21.90 CAD (
Size: 40 mL

While in Asia I made it a point to visit Innisfree – because Toronto does not have any locations yet. I managed to pick out a couple of skincare and makeup items and I thought it would be fitting to review their Mineral Moisture Fitting Base as it is winter right now and skin tends to be a little dryer.


The makeup base comes in a cream coloured embossed box that looks clean and simple. The tube is also the same theme of colour and design and looks and feels great. The size is roughly the size of my hand which is not too big and not too small making it great for travelling. The base has a twist off cap and is relatively easy to squeeze out product. Overall, the packaging is aesthetically great and comparable to the packaging of high end makeup bases.


Just a quick note: the Innisfree mineral moisture fitting base is the most expensive of all their makeup bases. They have other ones which include colour correcting bases and a blur base.

Price wise it sits equal to the high end travel sized primers, which is great because you get 40 mL of product in comparison to roughly 14 mL. As for the primer/base formula – the base is a moisturizing base with a smoothing effect that does not feel like silicone. It is a little like the best of both world as the base smoothes out your skin while still keeping and providing moisture. The primer does not feel like it is a silicone base which is great for anyone who dislikes the silicone feeling found in many blurring and smoothing bases. The primer also sets to a slightly tacky surface which allows makeup to adhere the skin making your makeup long lasting. For a comparison I thought it felt a lot like a mixture between Makeup For Ever Step 1 Hydration primer and the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. With that said it is not as hydrating as the MUFE one and it is not as smoothing as the Hourglass one however for $20 it is a close mixture of the two (which are my favourite to use). Now because the base is not extremely hydrating it will work great for any skin type, even oily skin as it does not overwhelm the skin. If you have dry skin, I would say do not opt out any steps of your skincare but adding this base would be a great addition to your routine. Lastly, when I applied the makeup over the base I did not experience any issues as the foundation went on smooth and lasted a good majority of the day. Overall, I am really enjoying this primer, especially because it is a lot more affordable than the high end primers. Though I would say it is not a 100% dupe of the higher end primers I would say it is a close comparison.

Personally I have started to mix in a tiny bit of my high end primers just to boost the primer a tiny bit depending on my needs that day (sorry that is a little confusing). For example, if my skin was feeling a little dry or outside was a little dry that day I would mix in a tiny bit of the MUFE Step 1 Hydrating primer into this makeup base just to boost the hydration a little. Likewise if I was going out and wanted a more blurring and smoother appearance I would mix in a tiny bit of the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. Sorry if that was a little confusing, but this keeps me from using up the high end primer too quickly and in the long run saves me some money, which is always a good thing.

– SL.

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