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LIPSENSE – Bella Lip Kit Review & Swatch

Price: $55 USD (KIT) $20 USD(gloss) $25 USD(colour)
Size: n/a
Shade: Bella

An extremely kind and sweet distributor from Lip Sense (MaryJo) sent me a kit to try and here is my review on the unique product. The lipstick claims to be an extremely long wearing lipstick that includes an exfoliating function in the formula.


I guess I should start by explaining the product – so the kit includes: colour, gloss, and remover. Once you purchase the kit, you can buy the colour or gloss separately after which is nice. The lipstick comes in a regular plastic tube that has a little bit of a dated label design however, it is functional and does what it needs to do. Overall, besides the dated design the packaging is relatively travel friendly and functional.


Since I tried the kit I will break it down each product further below but first I will do an overall on the lipstick. The lipstick is quite resilient when fully set, the colour doesn’t budge even after eating and wiping. However, since it is quite long lasting the lipstick does feel like a layer on top of your lips. With that said initially I found it uncomfortable but when I figured it out it felt a lot more flexible and less like a layer just sitting there. Even though the lipstick feels like a layer on your lips the lipstick does not flake or peel even if gloss is not reapplied. The longevity is amazing; the colour lasts all day until you physically remove it with the remover or makeup remover. The pigmentation is medium – high and of course buildable. Lastly, I wanted to add that the colour did have an alarming stinging feeling at first which kind of scared me – so I would warn against usage if you have sensitive lips, the stinging does goes away after to apply the gloss though. Overall, I initially was having trouble making this product work however, when I figured it out – it ended up being great and holding up to its claim to be extremely long lasting, so I recommend giving a little patience when trying out the product.

lipsense - colour review complete.jpg
LIPSENSE – Bella Review & Swatch

COLOUR (bella)

The colour I chose was the Bella shade from the Fall line that recently came out. The formula is extremely liquid-y which does make it a little hard to control so I do recommend thin layers at a time. The colour did sting in areas that I freshly exfoliated so do be aware of this; however the sting goes away when the gloss is applied. In addition the colour sets quickly so application (even though 3 layers are needed) is not a lengthy process. Lastly, I wanted to add that the colour was very pretty and the pigmentation was great (once built up). Overall, the colour, though it had a little bit of a stinging feeling it was pigmented and long lasting.

lipsense - gloss complete.jpg
LIPSENSE – Gloss Review & Swatch


I wanted to preface this by saying that I really do not like using gloss however, this one did not bother me too much. The gloss smoothes onto the colour easily and does not even smudge the colour. The texture, while still being a gloss – does not feel sticky or gooey and gives your lips a healthy looking shine. The gloss also helps to keep the long lasting effect of the colour. Overall, this gloss was not sticky or uncomfortable and gives your lips a beautiful shine.

Overall, this lipstick is super pigmented and long lasting which would make the product great for events where you do not want to care about the lipstick colour getting everywhere (especially bold reds). I definitely recommend looking into the product if you enjoy bold colours and want it to last through the day without making a mess. The selection is amazing and the glosses come in a couple different formulas.


From my understanding it has to be done through a distributor, and if you really are interested I will link MaryJo’s facebook page to the photo and you can contact her there with questions.

– SL.

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