LAURA MERCIER – Secret Brightening Powder

LAURA MERCIER – Secret Brightening Powder Review & Swatch

Price: $30 CAD
Size: 0.14 oz

Laura Mercier has a couple of powders that are quite popular across different social media platforms; so I chose the brightening one because it kind of stood out among other powders. It is commonly used under the eyes to brighten out the skin tones, especially if you have dark circles or fine lines.


The powder comes in basic round plastic container with a domed twist off lid. The size of the packaging is on the smaller end – in comparison to other setting powders. However, it is meant to be used as a highlight and is meant for a small amount of area on the face so I this could be why. Like other powders the packaging has a separator on the inside that keeps the powder from depositing too much or making a mess, unfortunately the holes may be a little too big and does little to keep the powder in the container. When the powder is thrown into a makeup case or just thrown around in general a lot of product sits at the top and makes a mess when you open it up. Overall, the packaging is relatively simple and small however, the separator does little to keep the product in the container which makes this product not great for travel.


The setting powder is meant to be a transparent powder that was created to brighten out the under eye. The powder texture is extremely smooth and fine, which helped it blend into the skin seamlessly. The powder leaves the skin soft and smooth while keeping your foundation and concealer in place.  The colour initially look quite white on the skin (especially if used to bake) but when it is blended out it does turn transparent to the naked eye. However, I noticed under flash photography a white cast was slightly visible, making this product unsuitable for medium – dark skin tones. The powder also has a couple of sparse glitter particles so do use it sparingly as you will end up with a face full of sparkles. As for its claims to brighten dark circles, I did not notice an extreme difference as my concealer would do most of the work – it is a lot like a boost of brightness.  Also for fine lines I did not think it made an extreme difference in comparison to a product like the photography fluid. Overall, I do enjoy using this powder on my under eyes to give my skin that added boost however, this product is not a miracle worker and other products are still required to do most of the work for your dark circles and fine lines. Also, it does have a tiny bit of glitter particles which is not for everyone and does create a slight white cast under flash photography (regular photos are fine – just flash).

– SL.

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