TARTE – Clay Pot Waterproof Liner

TARTE – Clay Pot Waterproof Liner (Goldilocks) Review & Swatch

Price: $25 CAD
Size: 0.08 oz
Shade: Goldilocks

I thought it would be fitting to review another colourful product – so here is the review on the Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner in Goldilocks. I only purchased this shade so my review on the formula will only pertain to the one shade – other shades may have a different outcome.


The liner comes in a glass (I think?) pot with a gold plastic cap which looks and feels great. The look matches up to the mid range price tag – luxurious yet still functional. The size of the product is great and travel friendly. The bottom is also see through which makes seeing the colour on the outside easier when stored. Overall, the packaging looks and feels up to par and the size is great for travel.


The liner is a cream formula that claims to be waterproof and smooth. The formula is said to incorporate clay which in turn helps with excess oil from the skin – meaning that the product will last longer. My experience with the product is a little interesting (keep in mind that I have only tried the yellow one – so others may perform differently). The product is very smooth and creamy; however, the line drawn is a little sheer and inconsistent in spots. This makes the application look a little blotchy and far from bold, the colour needed a couple passes before the colour stood out. When trying to build up the product the colour is still hard to keep consistent – and remains quite blotchy. As for the longevity, it does last longer than I expected and wears decently through the day. In addition the liner is sweat proof (not so much ‘lets go swimming’ waterproof) but can withstand sweat. Overall, I was a little disappointed at the pigmentation but this may have to do with the colour I chose, maybe the others are bolder. Also, the application is not the easiest, as the line is inconsistent and sheer making reapplication required. As for the colour, I do really like the tone they choose and it pairs well with my skin, I just wish it was a little more pigmented.

– SL.

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