SMASHBOX – Photo Finish Primer Water

smashbox - primer water spray complete.jpg
SMASHBOX – Photo Finish Primer Water Review

Price: $39 CAD | $20 CAD
Size: 3.9 oz |1 oz

I purchased this a while back after seeing the amount of popularity it received. Interesting enough, I often saw this product being used as a setting spray instead of a priming spray. Well these are my thoughts on the product…


As pictured above I opted to purchase the travel size, as I had a lot of sprays at the time and did not want another product just going to waste if I did not like it. (side note: I was able to finish the product so it did not go to waste!) The packaging is relatively straight forward, as it comes in a regular kind of spray bottle with a clear packaging and black nozzle. The spray nozzle would probably be the only negative – as the nozzle does not distribute the product evenly, which made spraying the product an unpleasant experience. Overall, the packaging is rather simple and the only negative would be the nozzle, as for traveling, the size above works well and I have not experienced any issues with bringing it around.


The spray is marketed as a priming water and not so much as a setting spray – which was what I saw it getting used for quite often. None the less I put both methods to the test, as a priming spray I found that the product did not do much extra to hydrate my skin in addition to my skin care routine. When tested on its own without a skin care routine (maybe it was my dry skin) but I did not see that much really changed. However, the product does absorb into the skin well, which may work great for oily skin types as the hydration is more of a lightweight and watery consistency. As a setting spray, the nozzle did not distribute the product well enough, which kind of made the product unproductive because too much would land on a certain area and would make the makeup run a small amount. The nozzle simply made the face way too wet for it to set the product well. Overall, I feel that if you have oily skin and are lazy about having a skin care routine this product would be a good opt for a quick layer of hydration for your skin before your makeup. However, if you already have an extensive skincare routine, then this product may not do much for you. As a setting spray I found that this may not be the best option, especially since it is not in the extremely affordable range, I feel that there are plenty others that are around the same price that would contribute a little more. With this being said I do enjoy using it in my kit, by using it on clients, just to add that bit of hydration to the skin before applying the makeup on top.

– SL.

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2 thoughts on “SMASHBOX – Photo Finish Primer Water

  1. Good to know! I keep seeing this product and I wanna know what the big deal is. Also always super excited to find other Canadian bloggers!

    1. Personally I feel there are better ones for the same price and the biggest negative would be the nozzle cause it just did not distribute the product well. I love testing out hype products ! and hello from TORONTO – glad to see a fellow Canadian !

      – SL.

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