MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Review

Price: $33 CAD
Size: 0.32 oz

I noticed that I have not done a review on mascara in a while so I decided to review the Velvet Noir from Marc Jacobs. I found myself using this one quite a bit recently for my Instagram photos however, Too Faced’s Better Than Sex is still a staple in my regular routine though.


The mascara is a high-end product so I have higher expectations for the packaging. The mascara comes in a clean and sleek box that carries the classic Marc Jacob look and feel. The tube itself is a little different from other mascaras – it comes in a black lacquered hexagonal tube instead of the regular round tube. The hexagonal shape is not only unique, but it also serves a functional purpose because it is great for when you set it down on your table – the tube shape allows it to just sit there, instead of rolling away. In comparison with other mascaras the packaging is a little shorter but is also a little wider. The weight and feel of the product is great and lives up to the high end price tag. Overall, the packaging looking sleek and luxurious, the shape is a little fatter than others, but the hexagonal design will prevent the product from rolling away. As for being travel friendly, I would lean towards yes, because I usually do not have a cup to put my products into which could lead to eyeliners and mascaras rolling away. This product however will not do so thanks to its shape – so for that reason I would recommend this one for travel (not so much for compact-ness though). Lastly, even though the packaging is a lacquered shiny finish I have not noticed any scratches on the packaging – even after being tossed around.

TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara V.S MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Velvet Noir 


I purchased this product after loving the sample size – but found myself not loving the full sized product as much initially, I have only started to reach for the product more and more recently.  To start off, the formula is a little more wet than other mascara formulas – which is what deterred me when I initially tried out the full size. After a few months I retried the product and found that it dried to the perfect consistency. The gel like consistency allows for a smooth application which does prevent clumping. With this in mind the mascara still provides volume to the lashes and lengthens without the clumpy and heavy look many mascaras create. Now the volume it creates is not so much a VA-VA-VOOM kind of bombshell look but it mainly accentuates your natural lashes. I noticed that if the person has already decent lashes then this product worked great to add that extra push without looking heavy or overdone. However, on sparse lashes it did not perform as well – as it ended up sticking the few lashes together and actually worked backwards. The mascara lasts the whole day without smudging however from time to time I did notice a bit of flaking – nothing significant that with make you look like a hot mess but a couple dots here and there. The other issue I had was the fact that the tube would not clean off enough product when taking out the wand – so if the mascara is applied right away, too much product will be applied and it just turns into a clumpy mess. I recommend wiping off the wand a bit before applying the product (this is very important!). Lastly, the applicator is an hourglass shape that does not work too well with my eye shape however; it was not a huge issue.

– SL.

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