URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick

URBAN DECAY – Vice Lipstick (Oblivion) Review & Swatch

Price: $21CAD
Size: 0.11 oz
Shade: Oblivion

Recently Urban Decay launched their new lipsticks called, Vice Lipsticks. The lipsticks come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. They included more natural and nude tones to more glam and unconventional tones. I personally only picked up 1 in the matte finish – so I will only review the one formula – but I will try to pick up a couple more so I can cover those as well.


The Vice Lipstick comes in an elegantly designed box that makes the product look the part of a high end product. The lipstick comes in a bullet that resembles a real bullet! The plastic cover is detailed with a hammered metal style in a gunmetal metallic colour. The bullet itself is elegantly fashioned after the butt of a real bullet with the same metallic gunmetal coloured plastic and finished with a gold tone metal bottom. The weight and feel is great and definitely feels like a high end product (not as heavy as Tom Ford). Lastly, I have thrown the lipstick in my purse and have not noticed any scratches or scuffs yet so that is a good sign. Overall, the packaging and bullet were very beautifully designed; the feel and look make the product feel luxurious making this packaging definitely stand out among other brand’s lipstick bullets.


Since I only purchased the Oblivion shade, which is the matte formula, I will only do my review on the matte finish formulation. But real quick – the lipsticks come in the following formulas: high shine, matte, metallic, satin, and shimmer. In addition through a quick swatch at Sephora a good majority of the lipsticks were creamy and well pigmented.

As an avid matte lipstick buyer, this formula was a pleasant surprise. Often times matte lipsticks are dryer and feel waxy– however the Vice Lipstick formula was smooth yet still pigmented. The formula was light weight and not waxy or heavy while still maintaining pigmentation to cover my original lip colour. What surprised me most was the fact that it did not dry out my lips (like many other matte lipsticks do). However, it did not add moisture to my lipstick and rehydrate them as the description says, because it is still a matte lipstick at the end of the day. But it did keep my lips from drying out and kept the lipstick from cracking or peeling. The lipstick glides on really smoothly and the texture is surprisingly creamy. The longevity is great – the lipstick lasted a good portion of my day and had little – medium fading during my meals. The lipstick also transfers a tiny bit in comparison to a liquid lipstick but nothing too significant. Overall, the matte formula blew me away and is highly recommended for anyone who wants a matte lip without the formula drying out their lips. The product however did not add extra hydration to my lips but instead, it kept my lip hydrated which in turn help to avoid any peeling or cracking. To put the lipstick on a scale it sits between a liquid lipstick and a satin lipstick. As it has the pigmentation of a liquid lipstick but the flexibility  of a creamy satin finish.


Oblivion: is a taupe with a purple/rose undertone which give the colour a wearable look. The pigmentation was great and covered my original lip colour without any extra primer.(the photos online do not show the colour the same as in person – so I would recommend swatching in the store)

– SL.

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