INNISFREE – No-Sebum Mineral Powder

innisfree - no sebum mineral powder complete
INNISFREE – No Sebum Mineral Powder Review & Swatch

Price: $9.36 CAD
Size: 5 g

Innisfree is a popular Korean brand and one of their most popular products is this mineral powder. They have 2 types of setting powder: the first is a blur powder which has a tint and the second is this mineral powder which is translucent. Both are available in loose and pressed formulas, but today’s review will only be on the No Sebum Mineral Powder in the loose powder version.


The Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is a more affordable product and therefore I did not have high expectation for the packaging. The powder comes in a simple, small size, round pot with a separator that keeps you from de-potting too much product or spilling. The powder also comes with a small puff which I actually find myself using more than a brush. Overall, the packaging is simple and clean aesthetically and functionally. It also comes in a pretty compact size which is great for travel, but personal for a product I use at home I would prefer a little larger pot. Otherwise the packaging is great and does what it needs to do.

Side note: this product was made to replace oil blotting papers so there is a chance they made it convenient for you to throw into your purse.


This powder is a translucent setting powder that works to control sebum and can be used right after your makeup application and throughout the day. They also say that the product can be used to primer your eyelids and as a dry shampoo. Firstly, the powder is extremely easy to apply and work into the skin, without making your makeup look cakey. Secondly, the setting powder lasts the full day for me (I have dry – normal skin). However, I have tested it out on my mother who has oily skin and it also lasted the full day, without any touch-ups. Lastly, the powder’s texture is extremely soft – and I mean SOFT! It makes your skin feel silky smooth – it makes your skin feel amazing and flawless. Overall, this powder is an amazing setting powder that sets the makeup well and keeps the makeup from slipping and sliding throughout the day, it also does not leave a white cast over the skin. In addition it controls oil well and touch ups are not really necessary – and most importantly it makes your skin silky smooth. Not to mention the price is amazing for the quality you get.

Tip: another way to use the powder is by smoothing it all over your lids before adding colour, this will help the colours blend together seamlessly – it also helps with blending out the eye shadows.

– SL.

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