anastasia beverly hills - moonchild complete
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Moonchild Glow Kit Review & Swatch

Price: $40 USD (my total = ~$77 CAD everything included)
Size: 6 x 0.15 oz

This palette took over Instagram a while back and was recently released. I was unknowingly waiting for Sephora to stock the palette – until I realized it was exclusive to the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. Anyways, I was able to finally pick up the palette after the restock and am ready to review it now.


The palette comes in a blue holographic hard cardboard packaging. The outer packaging was unfortunately only a card stock slip over cover instead of a box, which was a little disappointing. Otherwise the packaging is beautiful and is also a great size and includes a magnetic closure to keep the product safe. Overall, the packaging is very beautiful and could easily be one of the prettiest palettes I own. It also is a great size and is very compact and thin which could be great for travel. Personally for a palette priced at $40 USD I expected a little bit more to the packaging but the holographic finish really makes it special.


This palette consists of 6 coloured highlighters which I will break down each shade below, but first I will talk about the products’ on a whole. First, the textures of the highlighters are very smooth and blend into the skin without leaving a chalky feeling or look. Second, the highlighters consist of a coloured shimmer and small sized glitters which prevent you from looking like a disco ball. At first I thought the highlighters were more of a novelty due to the coloured aspect however, they are quite wearable for a day to day basis. The colours create a great effect in person however; I was a little disappointed that the colour did not show up as well in photos. Lastly, the highlighter last a good part of the day but I would not call them long lasting per say. Overall, the size and quality of the products are amazing, the variety of the colours are great, and they are not too dramatic for day to day use. At the end of the day – if you were to ask me if the palette was worth $77 CAD my brain says ‘YES’ but my bank account says ‘NO’. Broken down the highlighters are roughly $12 CAD each which is honestly not bad considering similar high end highlighters are priced at $53 each. So – that is how I justified this purchase, but do keep in mind this is more of novelty and may not be for everyone.

anastasia beverly hills - moochild swatch complete.jpg
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Moonchild Glow Kit Swatch



  1. Blue ice: is a cobalt blue shimmer with holographic glitters
  2. Star: is a mint green shimmer with silver glitters
  3. Purple horseshoe: is a blue-lavender shimmer with blue glitters
  4. Pink heart: is a chrome pink shimmer with pearl glitters
  5. Lucky clover: is bright green shimmer with yellow glitters
  6. Blue moon: is a metallic blue with silver glitters

*I realized the photos do not do the highlighters justice – highlighters reflect light and therefore the pictures make them look a little chalky*

Tip: These highlighters look great as an inner corner highlighter shade. It also looks great when paired with a similar shadow on the eyes.

– SL.

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