TATCHA – Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder Review & What an Enzyme Wash is

tatcha - indigo enzyme powder complete
TATCHA – Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder Review

Price: $78 CAD
Size: 2.1 oz (pictured above is a sample size at 0.35oz)

This week I am reviewing a relatively new kind of skin care product, the Tatcha Enzyme Powder cleanser. I will first explain what an enzyme wash is, why it is used, and how to use one. I will do a review on the Indigo version of Tatcha’s enzyme powder because I was  only able to get a sample size of this one from Sephora.


The product often comes in a powder form and is made from rice bran, which is known to be rich in rice enzyme and antioxidants. The rice enzyme works to lightly exfoliate away dead skin cells therefore unclogging pores. The exfoliation is light but effective which works to aid skin cell turn over / renewal – giving you healthier looking skin. Exfoliation will help your skin reduce fine lines and correct uneven skin tone in the long run. Certain enzyme powder washes also include ingredients like papaya and pearl extracts. These natural ingredients give your skin a gentle but effective exfoliation along with conditioning the skin leaving you with soft and supple skin.


Enzyme powder cleansers are extremely optimal for sensitive skin types and are great for every day exfoliation. The powder is not as harsh and rough as the common style gritty exfoliates and will not irritate the skin like a chemical peel would. In addition just like any other exfoliate, using it before your skin care routine will properly prepare your skin to effectively absorb the products. So an enzyme wash is a great alternative to harsh exfoliates and allows for daily usage – which in turn helps you optimize you skin care products on a daily basis.


This product is a often referred to as a ‘cleanser’ but it is mainly an exfoliate that is gentle enough for everyday use, therefore a main cleanser will still need to be used. I often use a cleansing oil first to break down the makeup on my face and any other dirt and oil on my skin. Once that is done I wet my face and hands and pour out roughly ½ a teaspoon (pictured above) into my palm. I rub the product in my hand to create a creamy texture and then massage it onto my face for roughly 20 seconds. Then I rinse off with warm water and pat my face dry. I also start my skin care routine right after – and make sure to never let my skin dry out.

The one I have is a sample size (pictured above) and therefore I will not be able to appropriately review the packaging of the full sized product however, I was blown away by the size and packaging of the sample size. It came in a beautifully designed box and hard plastic pot. The size of the product was great too (0.35 oz) which allowed me to properly test out the product. The pot was also complete with a twist off cap and a tab over the hole to keep the product from spilling or getting dirty. Overall, the packaging (of the sample size) was definitely amazing and exceeded my expectation. If the full size is similar or better than this, then the product has great packaging design. There was a lot of attention to detail in function and aesthetics.


The sample I received was for the Indigo version of the product so I am unable to review the regular version. However, I can give you thoughts on this one. The Indigo version was created specifically for sensitive skin – using 2 main ingredients: indigo and colloidal oatmeal. Indigo is a plant commonly used to treat inflammation and calm irritated skin. Colloidal oatmeal is known to soften the skin lightly while soothing it. Together these main ingredients are coupled with antioxidant rich ingredients to add an anti-aging benefit.

I tested the product out for a while and have really started to like it over time. At first I was a little underwhelmed as I am used to harsh exfoliates and felt like the product did not do much in comparison. However, I slowly started to appropriately test the product daily and started to notice that it was more effective to use this and lightly exfoliate my skin everyday instead of harshly scrubbing my skin a couple times a week. I also noticed that my skin looked healthier and brighter because my skin was able to properly and effectively absorb my skin care products. However, this is not a miracle working product as it must be used in combination with an appropriate skin care routine. You will not see results if you just use this product without any skincare routine. Overall,  the product is a great addition to my skincare routine. Also I am aware that the full size is $78 which is in my mind a little much for a cleanser (which is why I opted to grab a sample size first) however, even with the sample size (0.35oz) has taken me while to get through. I am still not all the way through the pot because not much is needed every time.  At the end of the day though the product worked great for me I do find $78 a little bit of an investment so I will wait patiently for the annual Sephora discount before purchasing a full size.

SIDE NOTE: The product is available in 4 different versions

classic = normal / combination skin
gentle = dry skin
indigo = sensitive skin
deep = oily skin

– SL.

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