hylamide - HA blur complete
HYLAMIDE – HA Blur Review & Swatch

Price: $19 CAD
Size: 30 mL

This is a blurring primer that works to scatter light in hopes to hide imperfections. It is said to use a new kind of Hyaluronic Acid powder which works to blur imperfections without compromising the compatibility with makeup. 


The primer comes in similar packaging to the photography fluid. The box is a matte texture which gets destroyed once open. The primer itself comes in a palm sized matte texture tube with a plastic cap. The cap clicks when closed, keeping the product secure and travel friendly. Overall, the packaging is relatively straight forward – so little to no complaints there.


The primer’s texture is similar to a regular silicone based primer. However, it does not have the same dry feeling and weird eraser dust fallout that happens sometimes with silicone based products. On the skin the texture feels extremely smooth and glides onto the skin without creating any extra bits (common with silicone products). The primer creates an even layer for your makeup application to be applied smoothly. It also blurs pores, fine lines (not wrinkles), and light imperfections. This all creates a good base to work with when you begin to apply your foundation. As for the longevity, I noticed that it was comparable to the benefit professional primer – and the layer is thin and lightweight. Unfortunately, this product has a little bit of a strong smell that kind of smells like glue or paint which does put me off a little. Overall, the primer is a great alternative if you want the blurring effect of a silicone primer but do not like the texture that comes with it. Just a heads up on the smell – as it is a quite strong and pungent.

– SL.

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