TARTE – Tartelette in Bloom

tarte - tartelette in bloom complete

Price: $54 CAD
Size: 0.053 Oz x 12

This palette has been out for a bit now – and I have played with it since. I wanted to use them for a while before doing a proper review on it – so here we go.


The Tartelette palette comes in a sleek gold packaging with pink and purple petal detailing on the top. The packaging looks aesthetically beautiful and is a perfect size. The inside is efficient and pretty with a very good sized mirror. The palette does not come with a brush however I do not usually use the included brushes so it works for me. Overall, the look and feel are great with a practical size that could work for travelling.


The palette comes with 9 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades which range in nude, brown, and maroon. The palette allows for a good number of looks and combinations that you would need for a day or night look. The textures of the shadows are smooth and buttery with a decent colour payoff. Lastly, when I open this palette the shadows smell like chocolate (anyone else? No? just me? Alright…) well I do find this a nice touch. I will break down each shade below but overall, this palette is great for people who mainly use matte shadows and just add a bit of shimmer for a highlight.


tarte - tartlette in bloom swatch 1
TARTE – TARTELETTE IN BLOOM (charmer, flower child, funny girl, jetsetter, smarty pants, & sweetheart)
  1. Charmer (matte): is the highlight/lightest shade in the palette. It has a medium-high colour payoff and buttery feel. The colour is a creamy white which does look a little chalky on my skin luckily it does smooth out and blend out nicely.
  2. Flower child (matte): is a peachy nude that works well as my nude and highlight shade. The colour payoff is high and the texture is very smooth and buttery.
  3. Funny girl (shimmer): is a champagne tone shimmer and is the only shade I am disappointed about. The shade has a low colour payoff and the only thing that shows up is the glitter and almost looks more like a face highlighter than a shimmer eye shadow. I looked into it and found that many people were having issues with this shade which is unfortunate because it looks like it could look very nice.
  4. Jetsetter (matte): is a taupe-ish brown which works well as a blending / transition shade. It is smooth and blend-able with a medium colour payoff.
  5. Smarty pants (matte): is a tan shade that is not quite nude but not quite crease cutting so it is more of a transitional shade that helps you blend colours together. The colour pay off is medium – high and the texture is smooth and buttery.
  6. Sweetheart (matte): is a muted rose shade that is just the right amount of pink. The shade has a medium colour pay off and works well as a transition shade.

    tarte - tartelette in bloom swatch 2
    TARTE – TARTELETTE IN BLOOM (rocker, firecracker, rebel, smokeshow, activist, & leader)
  7. Rocker (shimmer): is a taupe shimmer which is not deep enough to deepen a crease but it seems to be great as a center lid colour. The colour pay off is high and the texture is buttery and smooth.
  8. Firecracker (shimmer): is a copper tone that is extremely buttery and smooth. The copper is not too red/orange and sits a little more on a brown side which works well. The shadow has high colour pay off and is extremely buttery and smooth.
  9. Rebel (matte): is a maroon or brown red shade that could work as both a transition or crease shade. The shadow has a medium – high colour pay off and feels buttery and smooth.
  10. Smokeshow (matte): is a black brown that is great for cutting a crease and really gives your eyes depth. The shadow is medium – high colour payoff that blends well with the other shades.
  11. Activist (matte): is a deep brown that has a high colour payoff, however, feels a little dryer to the touch compared to other shades.
  12. Leader (matte): is a deep brown and has a hint of purple and red. The shadow has a medium colour payoff but is once again a little dry to the touch but smoothes out decently well.

Overall, the palette is has a great selection of wearable colours. I was initially worried about the reddish shades looking a little bruise like but they have a brown undertone which helps to combat that.  The textures of a majority of the shadows are creamy and buttery and blend well making them easy to use. I would recommend this palette to those who prefer matte shades over shimmer but still want a few to highlight the eyes.

– SL.

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