HYLAMIDE – Photography Foundation

hylamide - photography foundation complete.jpg
HYLAMIDE – Photography Foundation (transparent) Review & Swatch

Price: $20 CAD
Size: 30 mL
Shade: transparent

This product is extremely similar to the product I did my last review on – NIOD – photography fluid. For info on what photography fluid is please refer to that review. Unlike the Niod one – Hylamide has a few shades available: transparent, golden tan, and dark tan which would be better for darker skin tones as the ‘transparent’ one may not blend into the skin as well. Also, the name is a little confusing as they used the word foundation – the product is NOT your typical foundation it is more like a luminous primer – you still need to apply foundation over the skin.


The Hylamide photography foundation comes in a matte black plastic bottle. It has a twist off cap allowing you to squeeze product out in small amounts. The aesthetics are clean and simple and looks a lot like products that only a professional would use. In comparison to the Niod packaging the plastic does allow for it to be travel friendly and the twist cap allows for less of a mess however, it does not look as luxurious and fancy as Niod’s. Overall, the packaging looks, feels, and functions great – it is also travel friendly and does not make a mess.


The photography foundation comes in a liquid to gel like consistency that is easy to smooth onto the skin. It sets quickly to a matte texture which keeps the product from sliding around. Much like the Niod photography fluid the shimmer particles do tend to have a little bit of streakiness (nothing too significant) but I found that the final look does not get affected by it. As for the ‘shimmer’ amount I found that the Niod product had a lot more and came off more opaque than Hylamide’s. Therefore, I concluded that Hylamide’s is great for low – medium amounts of imperfections like dull skin, hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, dark circles and fine lines. In turn the Niod’s would be great for medium – high amounts of imperfections like dull aged skin, deeper lines, and deeper scarring. (below is a side by side of both products).


Overall, the photography foundation helped to smooth out the skin effortlessly. The product is extremely lightweight and wears well throughout the day. It gives the skin the perfect pick-me-up and it is extremely quick and easy to apply. If you are deciding between the 2 I would say pick up this one if you have low amounts of imperfections (save the $10). However, if you are looking for a heavier amount of correction I would say Niod is the better product for you. Yes, the products are both relatively buildable however you are better off purchasing the more opaque product because, building up product may cause your make up to look cakey.

– SL.

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