KEVIN AUCOIN – The Celestial Powder

kevin aucoin - celestial powder complete
KEVIN AUCOIN – The Celestial Powder (Candlelight) Review & Swatch

KEVIN AUCOIN – The Celestial Powder
Price: $53 CAD
Size: 0.11 oz
Shade: Candlelight

Highlighters have become very popular lately so I purchased some of the popular ones to test them out and will be reviewing them for the next few weeks.


The highlighter comes in a sleek deep red packaging that looks aesthetically luxurious. However, personally I felt that the weight and feel did not match up to its looks. As for size I do wish that it was a little larger as the size resembled an eye shadow more than a highlighter or cheek product. As for the ‘clasp’ (not sure what to call it) I do like the click it makes when closed but I find it a little too easy to open. Which would not be the most travel friendly but I have not had issues with it yet. On a more positive note I do like the mirror on the inside as it is a decent size and find myself using it from time to time. Overall, I do love the look of the packaging however for the price I would like to see a little better quality in the feel and weight. *Almost forgot to mention – but the product did come in a beautiful velvet pouch which was nice*


The Celestial Powder comes in 2 shades: Starlight and Candlelight. The first is more of a pink tone which would work great for cooler skin tones. The second is a peach/champagne tone which worked well for my yellow (warm) toned skin. The tone of the highlighter makes application look more natural giving you a beautiful glow to the skin. The shimmers are nice and fine which help you avoid looking like a disco ball. The texture is super smooth and easy to blend and wears comfortably throughout the day. Overall, of all the highlighters I have tried it sits in my top 3 because of how natural and effortless it looks. It has become my go to product when I opt for a dewy and glowy look and would recommend this highlighter if you are new to highlighting. This product will give you beautiful natural glow instead of an Instagram worthy highlight.

**Side note if you are new to highlighters and do have skin imperfections on areas you wish to highlight. I would recommend that you use a lighter hand when applying as it could help you hide imperfections but too much will bring out the imperfections.

– SL.

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