hourglass illusion hyaluronic tint complete


HOURGLASS – Illusion Hyaluronic Tint
Price: $64
Size: 1.0 oz
Shade Purchased: Shell

I wanted to give a little intro on why I purchased this product because my review may or may not be slightly biased. I was initially looking for a bb cream style foundation that I could throw into my bag and apply to my face quickly before work. So I grabbed this product to try out for this purpose however, I have ended up returning it solely on the fact that it was not what I was looking for, not because it was not a good product.


Hyaluronic Acid: is an ingredient that is found in many hydrating skin care products. It is a molecule that is natural found in our skin and is known to hold onto moisture allowing the skin to remain hydrated.


Packaging wise I would say I am 50/50 on it. The PROS regarding the packaging would be the tube style packaging that keeps the product sanitary and easy to squeeze out. It also has a luxurious looking cap that clicks well into place when closed – which is good if you are looking to throw this into your bag and do not want it to out. However, the CONS would be the tube’s material (I am being nitpicky) but it did not feel up to par with their other products and felt on the cheaper end. Also, the label on the tube was a sticker stuck on which could be a result of being sold in Canada and having to have English and French. But I would prefer to see the label officially printed straight onto the packaging especially if it is a $60 product.


Simply put the product is great when used as a glowy and dewy foundation. It is meant to be a foundation that was formulated with hyaluronic acid to add a skin care element into the product. However, in my opinion was poorly marketed as a ‘tint’ giving me the feeling that it was going to be a ‘watery’ foundation or bb cream. The PROS of the product would be the light weight feeling when applied correctly and a subtle glowy and dewy finish. It gives the skin a nice healthy look when compared to matte finish products. The foundation does help to keep the skin hydrated however you would still need to apply your skincare routine. This is because it helps to maintain the hydration instead of provide hydration. I found that the best and in my opinion the only way to apply this product was in combination with a damp Beauty Blender. Also a plus would be the shade availability – it comes in a large spectrum which is rare for ‘tint’ or bb cream products. The CONS would be its thicker cream like consistency that makes the product hard to blend and spread with a brush or your fingers. The most unfortunate part is that it feels a little cakey if applied without a damp Beauty Blender which could lead to a greasy feeling as it does have a dewy finish. Also, the shade I picked up (which would be my fault) had a white undertone which does not match well with my skin as I am yellow undertoned. Lastly, the product though a creamy texture – has a sheer to light coverage and may not be favourable for those looking for a product have a medium to high coverage. Also, the product has a smell that I am also unsure about as it does not smell bad but it does not smell good. It reminds a little of older style makeup which some of you may or may not like.


The product is not a total disappointment however it is not a new favourite as I do have higher expectation for a product that is priced at $64. I will say that the finish is a beautiful natural dewy finish with a slight pearlescent look. It definitely gives the skin a beautiful glow that does not feel greasy or overwhelming (just remember to apply with a Beauty Blender). However, it is a little thick in consistency for my personal preference which does make the product hard to spread/blend without a damp sponge. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a foundation that keeps your skin hydrated especially through the winter months and only need a light to medium coverage.


– SL.




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