nars pro prime complete

NARS – Pro-Prime
Price: $32 CAD
Size: 0.05 Oz

The Nars Pro-Prime is a primer/ make up base that works to target lines and pores. It is extremely light weight and comes in a travel friendly packaging.


The first thought I had regarding the packaging of this product was the small size and amount. In relation to its price, you do not get very much product as it comes in a solid form that sits in a retractable stick. But with the size aside it is designed very efficiently making it great for travelling or throwing into your purse. In addition the appearance of the product is very simple and clean, the signature look of Nars products. Overall, though the size is small the packaging is compact and the cap closes well with a reassuring click, making it optimal for travelling.


The Nars Pro-Prime is slightly different from many other primers on the market as it comes in a solid form, much like the consistency of a solid perfume or lip balm. Personally, I feel this format is both positive and negative. The positive point would be that over application or excess product is highly unlikely in comparison to primers that come in a creamy or liquid consistency. However, the negative point would be that you will be unaware of the amount you have used and therefore unsure of whether you may want to apply more or stop there. As for the feeling and functionality of the product personally I feel it works for light to medium level lines and pores. It works well to blur and fill out extremely fine lines or pores but may not work as well for deeper ones. The feeling was also good as it felt barely there and extremely light on my skin with no sign of stickiness. On a side note I would I am not 100% sure but it feels as though it is silicone based and those who do not like a silicone based product will not enjoy this primer.


I personally had a good experience with the Nars Pro-Prime as it worked to blur highly minor issues like extremely fine lines and pores. The product is relatively easy to use and application is rather quick. It also feels light weight and non sticky on the skin, in addition it does not have an overwhelming fragrance. I would recommend this product if you have small line and pore issues however, keep in mind that it is not a ‘cure’ and will not fix the problems it will only momentarily cover them up.

– SL.

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