KORRES – Lip Butter

korres lip butter complete

Price: $16.00
Size: 0.21 Oz
Shade: Jasmine

I personally like the look of the packaging but do not find it the most function-able. I liked that the packaging was clear and simple with a cap that matched the colour inside. This is especially useful when you have multiple shades and need to find the right one quickly. However, I am not fond of the fact that it is shaped taller instead of wider. This makes it difficult to retrieve product, especially because I have long nails. Another down side is that it is a pot which means product must be retrieved through putting your finger in which is not the most sanitary. I understand it is a lip butter and that it usually comes in a pot but I just wish there was a way to retrieve product without contaminating the rest of the product. Overall, my biggest complaint would be that the diameter is a little small and would make it hard to get product out when it got low. 

I really wanted this product to work well for me. It is described as a tinted lip balm that should provide me with moisturized supple lips. Unfortunately, I found that it was a little on the thick end and was not easy to spread smoothly. I used both my fingers and a lip brush (as recommend) to apply the product but still found it was not the easiest product to spread. Once I got it smoothed on to the besst of my ability I found that this particular shade had little to add to my original lip colour. Also I was not particularly fond of the feeling of the product on my lips, it was not overtly sticky but was more or less a heavy layer of product sitting on my lips. I feel like this is why I found that it was not really deeply moisturizing and hydrating my lips, it was mainly preventing my lips from becoming dry on the top. Overall, I did not really enjoy this product the way I thought I would, especially because it was $16.00 which is a little more than my favourite lip balm. However, I did just purchase and try the one colour so the other shades may work better in general or for you. I initially bought it thinking it would be great due to its claim to use natural oils but the shea butter and rice wax may have made it a thicker consistency (leading to my difficulty to smooth out). 

– SL. 

please do not be turned away from trying products I review negatively. I am simply telling you my experience with the product, but you my experience differently as we all have different skin type sand preferences. 


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