TARTE – BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

Price: $42.00 CAD/$12.00 CAD
Size: 1 oz/ 0.5oz
Product at SEPHORA

The BB Tinted Treatment has 2 different sizes. There is the regular and the travel size, the packaging for both are similar except for the caps. Both come in a matte tube with a simple design, due to its matte packaging I did find that it was easily dirtied but can also be easily cleaned. As for the caps the regular size comes with a bamboo cap giving it a sleek look in comparison to the more regular plastic cap that come with the travel size. As for usage, I did not find any difficulty or complications in retrieving product; however since it is a tube I will not be able to get all 100% of the product out. Overall, I love the look and functionality of the packaging and find it a suitable size for travels.

This was definitely one of those products that I knew I had to have after I swatched it. It has a very smooth and velvety texture to it that smoothes and blends into the skin beautifully and easily. The coverage is a light – medium coverage which I find is great for a natural look and sets to a matte finish that I did not find drying. Also a lot of product is not needed to cover the whole face and it feels smooth and velvety on the skin. As for longevity, it lasts throughout a full day of traveling in the sun without feeling greasy and setting into my fine lines. I must also note that it contains SPF 30 yet does not have the greasy and oily feeling many product have when they contain SPF. As for colour availability the regular size comes in 5 shades and the travel size only comes in 2 which I find is plenty for a BB product. For my skin tone I use the light shade and use the medium shade in the contours of my face and it blends in quite seamlessly. As for negatives I did not feel it was much of a treatment, I found that it did little for my skin however I find it is more of a tinted primer or a matte foundation. Also I find the prices a little confusing as the travel size is exactly 1/2 of the full size yet it costs less than half of the regular size. Overall, I really recommend this product for summer time or when you are on vacation, it feels great on the skin all day and looks natural in photos. Also since it is such a great texture and sets matte there is no need for setting powder which allows you to bring and wear less product on travels.

– SL.


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