JACK BLACK – Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Image   Price: $8.50 CAD Size: 0.25 Oz Formulated Without: Sulfates and Phthalates PACKAGING This lip balm comes in a tube which keeps the product clean and sanitary, in comparison to lip products that come in a pot. The tube is also easy to squeeze and a great size for your purse, bag, or pocket. However, it is hard to get every last bit of the product out without cutting it open. Overall, it holds up well and is sanitary, which is a huge factor when I am looking for lip products. PRODUCT In short, I would say this is a product that is amazing for its price, it works well and does not cost more than $10 CAD. I found that it was a very moisturizing lip balm that helped with my cracked and dry lips for a good few hours. I also must mention that I love the smell of the Grapefruit and Ginger one, it smells fresh and citrus, making it great for summer months. Unfortunately I did not enjoy the Original (mint) one as much, but this simply has to do with my personal dislike of minty lip products. As for consistency it is a lot like petroleum jelly, which keeps it from being fully absorbed into my lips before getting wiped away when I eat. Since it sits on the top of my lips for so long, it tends to be messy when I apply it before bed. The lip balm wiped off on my blanket as I slept after night time application (so if you have expensive sheets I would not recommend usage of this product before going to bed). With this in mind my lips would be quite soft and moisturized the morning after, so personally I do not mind the mess it makes. I would say day time use of the product would be the most optimal, since it does give a nice shine to your lips and contains SPF 25 to give you sun protection. You can also wear this on top of lipstick for a beautiful shine that looks a lot like lip gloss. Above all, I would recommend this product if you do not mind its consistency and slow absorption. Keep in mind that this is more of a lip treatment product over a lip balm, as for me personally I will continue to repurchase the product as I do not find many products that fully soothe and cure my very chapped lips. – SL. ——————————————————————————– As always for the link to purchase the product simply click on the picture above. For giveaways, previews, and updates pleases follow my page on FACEBOOK.


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