URBAN DECAY – Chill Makeup Setting Spray


Price: $36.00 CAD
Size: 4 Oz

I was very surprised by the size and quality of the packaging. In my opinion it is a good size for the price you pay. The plastic, the bottle is made of is quite thick and sturdy and the spray nozzle has not given me any problems so far. Also the spray comes with 2 caps, one on the outside – which is larger and one directly over the spray nozzle. I personally found this a little excessive however it does add a sleeker look and extra security. The look of the packaging is matte which looks great but I found that when the bottle is thrown among other makeup it stains easily. Overall, the look, quality, and functionality is great, just a small heads up if you tend to have a messy makeup area or bag this bottle will get dirty. 

First and foremost this product’s purpose is to set your makeup and prevent it from shifting into fine lines. What sets it apart is the ‘temperature control technology’ which chills your makeup and helps it look freshly applied. Lastly, It is recommended for dry or combination skin therefore if you have oily skin this is not the product for you. For me personally I am on the fence about the product for multiple reasons. The positives are that it sprays out quite well; the nozzle disperses the product for an even application. Also during initial application it does not feel too wet on the face and it did not feel like my makeup was sliding out of place. It sets within about a minute and feels slightly hydrating but not to a dewy extent. The negatives are that when I tested its ability to keep my makeup from shifting it fell short of my expectation. I sprayed one side of my face with the spray and left the other side alone and went about my day. After about 9 hours I checked back on my makeup and found that the side with the setting spray had actually looked worse. In areas like my under eyes and sides of my nose (which are a little oilier) my concealer and foundation had fully shifted into my fine lines. However, on the side without the setting spray it looked almost perfectly fine just a little lighter but makeup did not shift. Overall, this product feels great during initial application, but as for its ability to hold makeup in its place I feel it did not do its job. 

just a side note: I have combination skin with dryness in my forehead and oilier skin on the sides of my nose, therefore this product may work better for you. I found that my dryer areas looked fine; it was in my oilier areas where I found that my makeup had shifted into my fine lines. If you have similar skin to me, I do not suggest this specific setting spray but if you have dryer skin I feel it may be worth a try. 


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– SL.

4 thoughts on “URBAN DECAY – Chill Makeup Setting Spray

  1. This sounds promising! One thing is I have dry skin that is pretty sensitive…did you get any allergic reaction to this product? Or was the product heavily scented?

    1. I personally did not react to the product and as for the scent when you first spray it smells like alcohol but that quickly goes away and has a very mild fresh scent after kind of like the Lysol smell. Hopefully it works better for you as I have combination skin and it made my concealer gather in the sides of my nose. Hope this answers your question ! (:

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