LUSH SERIES: Hottie Massage Bar

ImagePrice: $9.95 CAD
Size: 60g

Cocoa Butter
This ingredient is amazing for the skin it works to fight free radicals thanks to its antioxidants. It also helps with reducing stretch marks, hydration, and healing sensitive skin.
Shea Butter:
Is an amazing product for the skin it works to hydrate and boost collagen in the skin. It also helps to protect and heal due to the Vitamin F which contains essential fatty acids.
Jojoba Oil:
Jojoba Oil aids to fight facial lines, scarring and fatty tissue. Also it is often used for healing acne and skin psoriasis
Ginger Oil:

This one is a little hard to explain, it smells slightly spicy but not overwhelming like Rub-A535 or other stronger muscle pain relief. Honestly speaking at first I was not fond of the smell but I thought if it helped then the smell was something small but over time you do get used to it. 

My initial impression of the massage bar was that it melted extremely quickly; it started to melt in my hands right away even before I started to use it on my neck. I did not find that it did much for my muscle pain but it did moisturize my skin very nicely. The bumps were great but since it melted so quickly, so did the bumps which were a little disappointing. I will not repurchase the bar again but may give the other ones a try. Overall, I did not find this product one of Lush’s best. 

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– SL. 



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