LUSH SERIES: Phoenix Rising


Price: $6.95 CAD
Size: 100g

Cocoa Butter:
This ingredient is amazing for the skin it works to fight free radicals thanks to its antioxidants. It also helps with reducing stretch marks, hydration, and healing sensitive skin.
Organic Jojoba Oil:
Jojoba Oil aids to fight facial lines, scarring and fatty tissue. Also it is often used for healing acne and skin psoriasis. 
Shea Butter:
Is an amazing product for the skin, it works to hydrate and boost collagen in the skin. It also helps to protect and heal due to the Vitamin F which contains essential fatty acids. 

This bath bomb smells amazing! It smells a lot like apple cider, which is one of my favourite winter drinks. It has the spicy apple and cinnamon fragrance to it that simple warms up your mood. 

This bath bomb has 2 components to it; a ballistic center and a bath melt on the outside. When I first threw the bomb in it instantly started to fizz and dissolve, turning the water a beautiful purple-pink hue. As a side note this bath bomb does have a small amount of shimmer but it was not significant enough to bother me too much (I am not very fond of glitter on my skin). The bath did soften and hydrate my skin while leaving a warm apple scent. I really recommend this for the cold winter days; it really warms you and your mood up. On the down side, it was very hard therefore I could not break it apart for multiple uses. 

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– SL.


2 thoughts on “LUSH SERIES: Phoenix Rising

  1. This is one of my favourite Lush products, I can’t get enough of that spicy smell! :) You can saw it in half with a bread knife if you’re feeling like the effort, but I tend to just use one! :)

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