TOKYOMILK – Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixirs



Tokyomilk – Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixirs
Price: $8.00 CAD
Formulated without: Synthetic Dyes
Size: 0.7 Oz 
Scent: Clove Cigarette No.18 & La Vie En Rose No. 42

I was very disappointed with the packaging, the look of it was fine but the functionality was horrible. For my first one Clove Cigarette the lid would not stay on, if I turned the compact upside down the lid would just fall off. However, for the La Vie En Rose compact the lid was very hard to get off! I finally got it off after 15 min and I was using so much force I accidentally jabbed my finger into the product. I read reviews, and I was not the only person with the same problem.

I was looking for a new lip balm, since my lips were very dry at the time. I did not want to spend $29 CAD on the Dior Creme de Rose one so I gave this one a shot.  I looked through the options and decided on Clove Cigarette No.18 and La Vie En Rose No. 42. The description for the smells sounded amazing! I imagined the No.18 smelling warm and rosy with a hint of spice in the background however, it just smelled like cloves and nothing else. I did not even want to put it on my lips after smelling it. The next was the No. 42 as I thought it would be sweet and floral however not the case again. On the bright side No. 42 smelled a lot better than the No. 18. Both product’s unappealing fragrance aside I really did not find that it moisturize better than any other brand, therefore was not worth keeping in my opinion. Lastly, unlike many lip balms that look smooth in the compact these have a bumpy texture to them which was a little bit odd. Needless to say I eventually returned both these products and would recommend that you smell these in the store before deciding to purchase them.

– SL.


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