HOURGLASS – Ambient Lighting Powder


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder
Price: $52 CAD (Sephora)
Formulated without: Parabens
Size: 0.35 Oz
Shade: Dim Light

To start off, this packaging is beautifully made and looks very luxurious. I have had it for a while now and it has held up very well, I see no scratches and no sign of loosening in the hinges, clasp, or closure. I have also accidentally dropped mine and it did not even scratch or shatter the product. Though it is a steep price, they did give their best and it really shows through their packaging. This compact is definitely divine and one of my favourites

I opted for Dim Light which is neutral beige-peach since I wanted a subtle highlight that would blend in well into my skin tone. The point of this powder is to provide a balance between warm and cool tones in order to blur imperfections like dark circles. I apply this powder over my dark circles to deflect light in the area so that the dark appearance is less obvious. I do not like too much shimmer, so this was perfect for me as it provides more of a luminescence from within. The Dim Light is a great for those looking for light highlight that looks great in photos. If you are looking for a stronger highlight then this is not the option for you, but you should try the Ethereal Light powder.

Love the powder! The Ambient Lighting Powders are created with such fine powders; they do not give off the powdered look when on the face. It feels light on the skin and does not suffocate my pores. This powder gives me an even complexion and it takes the focus away from my imperfections. In my opinion, though it was not a cheap product, they really are worth it! Also, because of the fine powder you do not require much to get the result you want. I have used this product everyday on my under eye area, and it does not even look like I put a dent into it. This powder will definitely last me a while. This is not so much a splurge product but a product to invest in. As for longevity, I have noticed that it lasts the full day, obviously it does not look as newly applied by the end of the day, but it definitely is still there.

I love the ambient lighting line and love my Dim Light powder! It has become one of my essential products for my everyday makeup. Though it was a little expensive it is worth it, because of its high quality product and packaging. I really recommend this product if you find the perfect amount of luminescence for you. Lastly, do not worry if you have sensitive skin, my mother (she has very sensitive skin) has tried this multiple times and has not found any irritation, this powder is not like any other highlighting powder which shimmers usually irritate sensitive skin types.

– SL.


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