L’OCCITANE – Hand Creams


L’occitane Hand Creams
1. Pivione Flora: $12 CAD
2. Cherry Blossom: $12 CAD
3. Almond: $12 CAD
4. Shea Butter: $12 CAD
1. Pivione Flora: 30mL
2. Cherry Blossom: 30mL
3. Almond: 30mL
4. Shea Butter: 30mL
** The ones in the photo are a smaller size than the ones sold in the boutiques

As someone who used to paint a little, I loved the packaging, as they reminded me of the tubes paint come in. Each has their own unique labelling design that goes beautifully with the product. I have not had much difficulty getting the products out of the tubes so far, and have not come across any other complications as of packaging.

Pivione Flora captures the frangrance of peonies very beautifully. The cream smells sweet and floral making it a perfect option for spring. Not only does it smell amazing but it moisturizes my hands well, without leaving a sticky residue. It absorbs quickly into the skin giving you a smooth feeling instead of a greasy feeling like many other hand creams. I also did not find myself needed to reapply the product often, so this is great for normal to a little dry, skin types.

Cherry Blossom’s fragrance sits on a little stronger side than Pivione Flora, however it is still retains a sweet floral scent. The consistency is quite similar to the Pivione Flora cream as it absorbs quickly into the skin and makes your skin smooth to the touch. Once again it does not have a sticky or greasy feeling to it following application. This is a great option for spring if you like a stronger floral scent, and just like Pivione Flora it is great for normal to a little dry, skin types.

Almond carries the exact same fragrance as their almond line (which is amazing). the fragrance smells like sweet milk with a hint of almond, it gives me a sense of feeling fresh. The consistency is a little thicker than the 2 floral hand creams above, but not significantly thick. Like the other 2, it also absorbs well into the skin and works quickly to moisturize your hands. The almond hand cream would be ideal for normal to medium dry, skin types.

Shea Butter’s fragrance reminds me a lot of baby lotions (which I am personal not a huge fan of). The consistency is a lot thicker than the floral and almond hand creams, kind of like a body butter consistency. The thicker consistency is due to the fact that it is enriched with 20% shea butter, which is known to be amazing and moisturizing for the skin. It does not leave a sticky feeling, however it does leave a bit of a mix between a moisturized and greasy feeling. It does replenish the skin well and would be great for dry skin types. This would be ideal for the cold winter months,to protect your skin from the piercing cold winds.

L’occitane has done an amazing job with their newer line of hand creams, in comparison to their old formula, which was moisturizing but sticky. The fragrances of their hand creams are all amazing and beautiful without being over powering. The new formula also absorbs quickly into your skin which leaves your hands feeling smooth and silky. You should definitely go smell their Shea Rose Heart and Lavender hand creams as these also smell amazing!

**ALSO if you have not done so, please enter the giveaway! It closes on April 1, 2014 so enter soon!

– SL.


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