DryBar – Money Maker, Southern Belle, and Detox

dry bar set 3

Drybar Money Maker (hairspray), Southern Belle (mousse), Detox (dry shampoo)
Price: The VIP Pack = $25 CAD
– Money Maker (hairspray) = $25 CAD
– Southern Belle (mousse) = $25 CAD
– Detox (dry shampoo) = $20 CAD
Free of: Parabens
Size: The VIP Pack
1. Hairspray 1.8 Oz
2. Mousse 1.9 Oz
3. Dry shampoo 1.4 Oz
1. Hairspray 7.7 Oz
2. Mousse: 6.5 Oz
3. Dry Shampoo: 3.5 Oz

I came across this set during my hunt for a better dry shampoo, in comparison to my current ones. Seeing that it was a good value and I could try their line I gave it a shot. As a whole, I felt that this set was an amazing value for what you get. I could try out all three of their products before committing to one of them.

I have very fine hair which has been coloured (warm ash brown); therefore I must opt for a lighter product, as heavier products will weigh down my hair, making it appear flatter and less volumized than it already was. The length of my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders and is currently healthy with little to no split ends. Lastly, my hair is relatively normal as it is not oily or dry.

I personally love when things are matte, therefore I fell in love with the look of the canisters, from the matte pastel colours to the simplistic modern design. Also the weights of the cans are quite light, making it easy to use. The fact that they are not bulky, let you manoeuvre the canisters around your hair easily and quickly. Lastly, they have pretty sturdy spray nozzles that have shown no signs of breaking down or falling off.

MONEY MAKER (flexible hold hairspray)
The Money Maker as stated on the Sephora website as a flexible hold hairspray which provides a brushable hold while taming frizz. Brushable means that the product can be combed out of your hair, giving you the ability to fix your look before re-applying the hairspray again. I had a positive experience with the hairspray, and did like it quite a bit! The product was not sticky at all, like many hairsprays out there. Right after I sprayed, it did not feel wet on my hair or heavy on my hair. The hairspray provided a matte finish to the hair, so it was not obvious that I was using hairspray. However, you can still feel that you have used product in your hair. The hold to this hairspray is very flexible therefore I did not find any crunchy-ness or significant stiff-ness to my hair, instead it gave a little texture to the hair which aids the hold. This is for you, if you are looking for a flexible hold, especially if you are looking to keep your loose beachy waves in place. It provides a bit of hold to complete your effortless look. I really liked this hairspray however on the down side, if you consistently use it, like many other hair products, build up will start to form. I read many reviews and it was common that people said the spray smelled amazing however, in my opinion it had just a fresher more appealing hairspray smell to it. Overall, I did enjoy this hairspray but would recommend that you use a clarifying shampoo to avoid build up.

SOUTHERN BELLE (volumizing mousse)
The Southern Belle claims to be a lightweight mousse that creates ample volume and also protects the hair from heat. For me this was a pleasant surprise for me to find and try. I have tried many mousses before in hopes to give myself volume, however the feeling many left, turned me away from using mousses in my hair. I gave this mousse a try and I instantly loved it! It gave me the perfect amount of volume, giving me the blown out look without, having to do too much. I did not find that it made my hair crunchy or stiff, and did not find any product residue. It was very light weight on my thin hair and though I usually am bothered by product in my hair, this mousse did not feel too overwhelming or make my hair feel dirty, honestly I did not notice the product in my hair at all, but could still see its effect. I loved the effortless volumized look this mousse gives me without needing to back comb my hair. It also separates my layers beautifully so they do not blend together, giving me a textured look I cannot achieve without any product. As for the smell, it is quite similar to the hairspray, not bad but definitely not like a perfume.

DETOX (dry shampoo)
In comparison to the Batise dry shampoo and Tresemme dry shampoo, I did enjoy it more. The smell of the product was not strong, therefore it was not obvious that I was using dry shampoo. However, I still felt like I was wearing product in my hair, which I do not prefer but this is the lightest of the three that I have tried. Unlike, the Batise and Tresemme, the dry shampoo has a tan-brown shade which helps it blend into your hair better. As for the product, it is a finer and softer powder, diminishing the dandruff look that comes with many dry shampoos. The dry shampoo does absorb oils and give me volume like it should. Overall, I did enjoy the dry shampoo but I still feel like I can find a better one on the market, as of now this is my top choice of dry shampoo.

– SL.


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