Bite Beauty – The Lip Kit

Bite Lipsticks

Bite Beauty Lip Kit (Luminous Crème Lipstick)
Price: $42 CAD (Sephora- no longer available)
Free of: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, Triclosan
– Rose
– Apricot
– Pomegranate
– Mulberry
– Palomino
– Pepper
– Musk
– Retsina
Size: 0.7 Oz (each colour)

When Christmas swings around, Sephora is always packed with gift sets usually at a good cost. If you are new to high-end makeup, gift sets are a great way to test out a brand or product you are not ready to commit to. They usually come in with a variety of products at a smaller size, kind of like a sampler pack for you to familiarize yourself with their brand and formulas. However, if you are looking at a product (not around Christmas) and are unsure of it, you can always ask a representative at Sephora to make you a sample, and do not forget that Sephora has a great return policy if you do purchase the whole product and decide it is not for you. The is no shame in returning a product!

For lipsticks I usually gravitate towards sets, because I get bored of the colour easily and it goes to waste. I have always liked the colour choices available under Bite Beauty lipsticks however I feel it is a little steep to spend $28 on one colour. Therefore this kit was a blessing to find, I now have 8 colours to switch through and a size of the lipstick I will be more likely to use up.

The set is sadly no longer available at Sephora, but if there is a colour you like, you can still purchase it in the full size(0.13oz for $28 CAD). If you click on the photo it will take you right to the page on Sephora.  (Click here for the Lip Set – Amazon)

Now on to the product, the formula is created from all natural ingredients, which is a plus for something that is applied on the lips and will get ingested. The first time you use the lipstick it may seem like it does not apply smoothly but once the outer coat is gone, the lipsticks glides on like butter. Since they are crème lipsticks they do not fully dry like a matte lipstick, on the plus side they do not dry out the lips. With this in mind they do slightly transfer so you need to use the blotting method in order to prevent this from happening. In my opinion the texture sits at a good level between matte and glossy. Colour pay off is amazing, my swatches above are the results after about 2 -3 swipes. It is also quite true to colour, so what you see in the tube is what you are going to get, except for the Mulberry colour as it was not as bold in purple as I imagined. It leans towards deep pink, which does make it more flattering on different skin tones. The site claims it is long lasting but in my opinion it is not a lipstick I would really call long lasting. It will last on your lips if you do not eat a meal, after I ate the colour was gone on my inner lips no matter what method I used to apply the lipstick. Just remember to bring the lipstick with you when you go out and wipe your lips clean before reapplying. Wiping your lips clean is an important step because like many other lipsticks the new coat will combine with the dried coat making it look blotchy. The lipsticks did not sink into the lip lines when I first applied but after a good meal it would begin to do so, therefore it is good to moisturise before applying or reapplying the lipstick.

My thoughts on each colour
Rose reminded me a lot of the typical ballerina pink, but it did not have the pale white chalky look that is usually seen with pastel pink lip colours.
Apricot reminded me of cherry tomatoes, it is a red with an orange tinge, a colour I would not recommend if your skin is yellow in tone as it may not be flattering.
Pomegranate made me think of cherry popsicles, it is a bold red accompanied by a light pink undertone resulting in the colour your lips turn after you have had a popsicle.
Mulberry made me think of blackberries, it is a deep pink with a mix of a bold purple. It is on the bolder end of the spectrum, yet is still wearable without looking too flashy. So do not be scared by the colour in the tube.
Palomino is a hot pink, but do not be intimidated by the colour in the tube, once applied it does not look as electric, and could be quite flattering if paired with your look correctly.
Pepper is a great MLBB (My Lips But Better) colour which leans towards pale pink. However refrain from applying to many layers as it may cast a whiter tone.
Musk is also a beautiful MLBB sitting on the peach end. I personally prefer this colour as my MLBB over pepper as peach is more flattering on my yellow skin tone. This is a good colour if you are looking for a more neutral look.
Retsina is definitely a nude with a bit of a pink to avoid making you look too pale and sick. If you are just starting out with nude lipsticks I do recommend this one as many will have a white overcast creating a sick look.

**If you wish to purchase the item I have provided a link. Just click on the photo and it will take you there .

– SL.


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